Judges at a SVBPC

Thanks to all the 2021 Judges:

External Judges

  • Al Abhari, Principal, Elevation Investment Group
  • Hooman Bolandi, President & Co-Founder, ParkStash
  • James Bosco, Attorney at Law, The Webb Law Firm
  • Olga Buchonina, Founder, ActionSpot
  • Nancie Fimbel, Member, Lucas College of Business Dean’s Advisory Board
  • Veena Gundavelli, Founder & CEO, Emagia
  • Dave Hadden, Founder, Arlo Inc.
  • Young Han, Founder, Forever Young Agency
  • Sudhir Kadam, Venture Partner, FYDA Growth Partners
  • Naresh Malik, Managing Partner, Copia Growth Partners
  • Gadiel Morantes, President, Early Growth Financial Services 
  • John Murray, Co-founder & CEO, Inciona LLC
  • Jayan Ramankutty, Managing Partner, KRK Ventures II LLC

Faculty Screeners and Judges

  • Anu Basu, College of Business
  • Steve Bennet, College of Business
  • Singmay Chou, College of Business
  • Badari Eswar, College of Engineering 
  • Nathan Lupton, College of Business 
  • David McFeely, College of Business
  • Michael Merz, College of Business
  • Damon Moon, College of Business 
  • Seshadri Paravastu, College of Business
  • Sarika Pruthi, College of Business
  • Iris Quan, College of Business
  • Brad Vartan, College of Business 
  • Robert Wood, College of Business

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