Other Rules


  • Many business plans that are submitted to the SVBPC are developed as a result of class projects, and these business plans might/could be submitted to fulfill requirements in another, subsequent class.
  • We do not encourage such "double-dipping" or "recycling" of previous work, so we expect students to inform subsequent instructors of business plans developed in previous class so that steps can be taken to assure new or additional work is performed in the subsequent class.
  • We will provide faculty members who request the list of the entries from the BPC.
  • The SVBPC organizing committee retains the right to modify the rules and guidelines as the competition proceeds over the academic year. For example, depending on the response, categories of business plans might be added that classify submissions according to the type of business (e.g., high tech vs. non-high tech) or type of financing required (e.g., angel investment vs. venture capital) or the degree status of the participating team (e.g., graduate vs undergraduate).

Any changes to ANY of the rules and guidelines will be posted on this web page, so participants should check regularly for updates.