IP Lab

Welcome to the Intellectual Property LAB page. This page provides the basic educational materials to get you started with the important task of writing your own patent application. 

Harvesting Your Own Ideas and Intellectual Capital [ppt] by Hector Franco 

The Intellectual Property LAB expects to offer free assistance to those interested in learning more about how to protect their ideas. Two types of LAB sessions are being planned: 

  • Tutorial LAB sessions covering the basics of patent writing 
  • Learn by doing it LAB sessions where you work on your own patent

IP LAB sessions will be scheduled after we are able to establish how many people may be interested in participating. The schedule will be posted on this page

You can also schedule a special LAB session by appointment. 

Please contact: 

Hector Franco 
Voice: 408-730-0110 
Email: whfranco@comcast.net