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About The Zinnstarter Program

This year, we will select around 10 student-led startups to distribute $20,000 donated by Ray Zinn, former CEO of Micrel. The ZinnStarter Fellows are selected after a series of applications, interviews, and a trial period.

After becoming a ZinnStarter Fellow, each team is provided with funding (amount determined after teams are assessed), a dedicated mentor, and will be required to attend bi-weekly accelerator meetings. To receive funding, every ZinnStarter Fellow MUST participate in our bi-weekly accelerator meetings.

Students selected for the program are strongly encouraged to enter future business plan competitions to take their startup projects to the next level.

2021-2022 ZinnStarter Teams

2020-2021 ZinnStarter Teams

Program Eligibility

  • Only current SJSU students may apply for ZinnStarter.
  • No limit on team sizes.
  • Teams must consist of multidisciplinary backgrounds.
  • Projects in any stage will be accepted EXCEPT those who have received external funding over $10,000. ZinnStarter is meant to help people get their idea off the ground.

Important Deadlines

(Dates below are for the 2021-2022 cohort)

Applications Open • August 23, 2021

Info-Session • September 30, 2021

Interviews Begin • November 9, 2021

Application Deadline • December 1, 2021

ZinnStarter Fellows Announced • January 31, 2022

Got Questions?

If you have any other questions related to this program, email Varenya Dingari, at varenyaveda.dingari@sjsu.edu and include "ZinnStarter" in the subject line.