Presentation Requirements

  • All entrants must submit an Executive Summary and written document that includes responses to questions on the template posted in the registration form.
  • All entrants must submit a pitch deck of 10 slides.
  • All entrants must submit an elevator pitch of 60-90 seconds.
  • Financial information should include detailed Start-Up Capital requirements for next 12 months, including uses of the funds.
  • Pro forma Financial Statements are optional, but may include
    1. 12+ month detail sales/expenses/cash build-up
    2. 3 years of financial statement projections (some business models require more), including Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows
    3. Breakeven determination
    4. Starting balance sheet detailing internal and external equity investment required. Summary information can be included in the body of the business plan document, more details about assumptions and numbers in the Appendix.
  • The BP document, pitch deck, and elevator pitch, are used to determine the semi-finalist teams of the SVBPC.
  • Semi-finalists and finalists will be required to present their pitch deck in a 10 minutes presentation, followed by 10 minute Q&A. Allotted time may change depending on the number of teams.
  • The ability to orally articulate the features of the business will have a significant weight in the judges' decisions about the winners. All of the finalists’ written plans are worthy of winning: the persuasiveness of the final-round presentations will be key in determining the winners.