General Purpose and Role of SVCE's Research Efforts

The purpose of the SVCE is to improve the effectiveness of entrepreneurial endeavors in the Silicon Valley Region.

The principal method for improving entrepreneurial performance will be applied research.

The primary group targeted is startup companies in Silicon Valley's economic engine, technology industries. These include, generally, electronics, semiconductors, computers, software, peripherals, other information technology companies, biotech, and other industries in which new technology plays a key role in products or services. In addition, public policy makers are also a target audience since they may affect the environment for entrepreneurship through legislation.

Our students are also a primary audience for our efforts. They will be served through SVCE research efforts that aid entrepreneurs, since many of them will be entrepreneurs or work for entrepreneurial companies sooner or later.

Nature of the Research to Be Pursued

  1. Opportunity seeking and recognition 
  2. Building and maintaining relationships 
  3. Conceptual competencies (including analysis, decision making, risk-taking, learning, and innovation) 
  4. Organizing 
  5. Creation and management of strategy 
  6. Commitment and persistence 

In the field of entrepreneurship, the examination of relationships between competencies and performance, and under what environmental conditions, is still in its infancy. By undertaking an extensive effort to understand competencies, particularly under technology industry conditions, SVCE can contribute greatly both to Silicon Valley entrepreneurial performance and to the field of entrepreneurship itself.

In the second area, trends in the business environment, two elements of the environment are particularly relevant for Silicon Valley startups. The first is venture capital. The second is entrepreneurial networks. We would expect that faculty specializing in these areas within the SJSU COB would contribute greatly to deepening our understanding of these elements and making this information relevant and useful to our entrepreneurial audience.

To accomplish research in these areas, SVCE has no biases toward any type of scientific methodology. We would expect Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to benefit from qualitative and well as quantitative research, exploratory as well as conclusive research, and in-depth case study as well as broad-scope survey research.

Case Studies: Research on Case Studies in Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship is also currently being performed by Dr. Anuradha Basu