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SJSU Tax Conferences

The SJSU MST Program co-sponsors the annual TEI-SJSU High Tech Tax Institute - a 2-day conference held every November. Our 38th Annual Tax Institute will be held on November 7 & 8, 2022, with a virtual option scheduled for November 29 & 30. Unique to our High Tech Tax Institute are panels with representatives from law and CPA firms, industry and the IRS. Leading-edge topics relevant to high tech companies and their tax professionals are addressed by nationally and internationally recognized practitioners and government representatives who have practical experience of implementation. The learning opportunities makes the annual TEI-SJSU High Tech Tax Institute an invaluable educational tax experience for accountants, attorneys, and corporate representatives who serve high technology businesses. We also partner with the IRS and a Enrolled Agent societies on the Annual Tax Practitioner and IRS Fall Seminar. The 28th Annual Tax Practitioner Seminar is a hybrid event on October 26, 2022 featuring IRS Commissioner Rettig and OPR Director Sharyn Fisk. The MST Program also offers occasional webinars presented by our MST faculty on current topics, at no cost, to our many alums, students, supporters and prospective students. See the link below to register for the October 26 event and see the links above to register for the TEI-SJSU High Tech Tax Institute.

MST Webinars

Webinars sponsored by the MST Program

SJSU Tax Conferences

The SJSU MST Program manages and co-sponsors three annual tax conferences.

SJSU MST Program

Our Master of Science in Taxation is a unique and flexible program designed to serve both working tax professionals and those pursuing a new career in tax

MST Faculty

We are proud to introduce you to our MST faculty.

Additional Programs

In addition to the HTTI, we offer the TEI-SJSU Tax Policy Conference and the IRS-SJSU Small Business Tax Institute. Agendas for upcoming programs, as well as materials from past programs are at this website.

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