2014 Tax Policy Conference

Federal tax reform has been a priority agenda item for the chairs of the congressional tax committees for the past few years and detailed discussion drafts for reform have been released. Over 50 hearings have been held on many different aspects of tax reform. President Obama has proposals and frameworks as well. Despite a leadership change in the Senate Finance Committee, tax reform discussions will continue and input will continue to be sought. Are you ready to explain all of this to your employer or clients? This program will help you be ready.

Links to Congressman Camp's Tax Reform Proposal/Discussion Draft


Time Topic Presenter(s)

8-8:20 AM

Registration and Refreshments


8:20-8:30 AM


  • Peter Waterstreet (TEI)
  • Brian McBreen (CA Bar)
  • Annette Nellen (San José State University)

8:30-9:45 AM

Domestic Tax Reform Proposals: A review of the administrative, cost recovery, accounting method and other domestic tax proposals of Congressman Camp, Senator Baucus, Senator Wyden, President Obama, the “blank slate” project, and others.

  • Annette Nellen (Professor, San José State University)

9:45-10 AM



10-11:45 AM

International Taxation Reform — Camp versus Baucus versus OECD: How do the discussion drafts for international tax reform of the chairs of the tax committee compare? How does BEPS and other initiative of the OECD and other countries affect US tax reform?


  • Sanford Millar (Millar Law)


  • Grace Chu (Senior Director Tax, Brocade)

  • Lance C. Martin (Partner, Baker & McKenzie)

  • Eric D. Ryan (Partner, DLA Piper)

11:45 AM-12:30 PM



12:30-1:30 PM

The Hidden Developmental State in the US: This title is based on an article by the speaker. This presentation will look at the “activities of the U.S. government in support of the commercialization of new technologies.” Based on the activities and data, what makes sense for any tax incentive for innovation?

  • Dr. Fred Block (Research Professor, Dept of Sociology
    UC Davis)

1:30-2:45 PM

Effect of Federal Tax Reform on the California Tax System, Budget and Economy: How might various tax reform proposals affect California’s economy and tax system. What should California do in response to federal tax reform? Will it be able to respond?


  • Dean Andal (Director, PwC)


  • Oksana Jaffe (Chief Consultant, California Assembly Revenue & Taxation Committee)

  • David Slater (Director - State and Local Tax, Intel)

  • Greg Turner (Vice Presdient, Senior Tax Counsel, Council on State Taxation (COST))

2:45-3 PM



3-4:10 PM

The Political Forecast for Tax Reform: What will it take politically for tax reform to occur; what is the timeframe and key events?

  • Ron D. Dickel (Vice President Finance, Director Global Tax and Trade, Intel)

  • Dan Kostenbauder (Vice President Tax Policy, Hewlett Packard Company)

4:10-4:30 PM

Wrap-up — What Have We Learned: A summary of key points from today’s conference and what you should be doing to help your employer and/or clients be ready for tax reform.

  • Kim Reeder (Partner, Reeder Wilson)