Valley Health Plan Registration


Valley Health Plan (VHP) has partnered with Timpany Center to offer VHP members 18 and older aquatics and land-based fitness classes, at no cost.

Aquatic Fitness Classes
To participate in the aquatic’s classes, VHP members must contact VHP Health Education

Department to enroll and learn more about program eligibility at

• Email:
• Phone: 1.669.220.5235

Land Fitness Classes
To participate in the fitness classes, VHP members will need to create an account and register with the Timpany Center, see steps below.

Step 1:

Go to https//
Current VHP members who have paperwork on file will be emailed with a username and password that they can change later.
New members will click on “Create New Account”.

Step 2:

Once logged in, they can click on the “Programs” tab at the top of the page and select “VHP Land/Zoom”. Classes will then be displayed on this page in which they can register.

Step 3:

Click on the “Register Now” button for the class of their choice.

  • Once they click on“Register Now”, the program registration should be filled in as follows:

    • Program: (Class of their choice)
    • Member: (Member registering for class)
    • Fee Type: VHP Fitness Program - $0.00
    • Note: (If they want to add a note for our staff)
    • VHP ID Number: Enter VHP number
      • Subscriber Group: Options
      • Santa Clara County - Classic
      • Santa Clara County - Preferred
      • Santa Clara County Superior Courts - Classic
      • Santa Clara County Superior Courts - Preferred
      • IHSS1
      • IHHS2
      • SCC Fairgrounds
      • VMC Foundation
      • Covered CA
      • not a VHP member - County Employee
      • IFP
      • Santa Clara County Retiree

  • Click “Save” once everything is filled out.

Step 4:

If you would like to register for additional classes, click on “Add New Registration” and repeat Step 3.

Step 5:

Once you are done registering for classes, click “Go To Checkout”.

Step 6:

Read Waiver and click “I Accept Waiver” at the bottom of the page.

Step 7:

Checkout will indicate “No Payment Due”. Click continue to proceed.

Congratulations, you have successfully registered for a class!

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