Meet Our Lifeguards

“A lifeguard’s duty is not just to save lives, but to give others the confidence to swim freely.” – Unknown

Our Mission
Our friendly lifeguards are here to serve you for the benefit of your health and safety. We are also here to assist with special needs,  wheel chair and walkers, assist with entry/exit to pool and spa, swim test for kids, swim certification for jobs, and first-aid . Please ask!

Craig Northcutt< Craig Northcutt

I started my recovery at Timpany Center for back surgery in 2011. My gratitude runs deep for the TC community, and when the call for lifeguards was announced in 2018 I jumped at the opportunity to give back.  I’m also a 25 yr Silicon Valley high tech Veteran. Worked at 3 Start-ups. 19 years w/Cisco. Senior Mfg. Engineer, & Senior Program/Project Manager in Engineering Product Development.

Dr. Jennifer Schachner
Dr. Jennifer Schachner >

Working at the Timpany Center has been the hardest, but most rewarding job of my career. Watching others find success on their fitness and wellness journey motivates me to continue to work hard to enrich the lives of this community. I am proud and honored to be the Director of this unique and influential program. 

Carina Rodriguez-Tsai< Carina Rodriguez-Tsai

I am a graduate of San Jose State University. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology focusing my work in Adapted Physical Activity. I returned to SJSU to achieve my Master's degree and due to my love for this field I decided to focus my research around aquatic physical activity. Developing a manual that reviewed research studies and detailed the most effective aquatic exercises.

Brittany Manrubia
Brittany Manrubia >

I joined the Timpany Center team in 2014. I have a passion for aquatics and have worked in various capacities in the industry. I have over 10 years of aquatic management experience and 22 years of experience in aquatic coaching and instruction. I am excited to take on new challenges and eager to help the Timpany Center and it's aquatic programs flourish. I am an advocate for health and physical activity. Among my greatest passions are hiking/backpacking and traveling.

Stephen Richardson
< Stephen Richardson

I pursued my degree in Exercise Science because of my passion for health and fitness. The Timpany Center is a great avenue in which I can pursue my passion and assist others in achieving their personal health and fitness goals. I hope to use my skills and knowledge to help individuals, as well as maintain the excellent quality of service that the Timpany Center provides for its community.

Matthew Barber

Matthew Barber >

I am here because I love how welcoming the Timpany Center community is to anybody, whether they are new or have been here for many years. In addition, I appreciate how I can interact and work with a variety of people.



Dennis Young< Dennis Young

San Francisco born and raised. My degree is in Industrial Engineering from U.C. Berkeley, and I'm one of the oldest lifeguards here. As a volunteer, I help manage Timpany's website and solve IT problems. I was previously a member for 8 years, and now enjoy teaching swim lessons to new swimmers as well. The smiles and achievements of my students are more valuable than tangible rewards.

Leisla Bernal AvilaLeisla Bernal Avila >

I graduated from SJSU with a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in rehabilitation sciences and a minor in Psychology. I hope to continue my education and become an Occupational Therapist. I had the opportunity to complete my internship here at the Timpany Center during a time when everything was done remotely, so finally getting to see and work with everyone is really exciting.  

Franz Benedict Magbual

< Franz Benedict Magbual

I started as an intern at Timpany Center. During that time, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the field of Kinesiology by applying and sharing the knowledge I’ve learned throughout my studies at San Jose State into teaching. Upon completion of my internship, I was offered to teach aqua fitness classes. Since then, I have also received my lifeguard certification.    

Being a part of an organization that emphasizes inclusive promotion of health and wellness has aided in my personal growth and skills. These skills I’ve learned and continue to learn would propel me to becoming a better Physical Therapist, my career end goal.

Rebecca LeeRebecca Lee >

Hello, my name is Rebecca (Becca) and I am a first-year student at SJSU!  I am majoring in Kinesiology and I hope I can become a Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist one day.  I have played multiple sports for many years, including soccer and swimming.  I went to many physical therapist and doctor appointments when I had injuries.  This inspired me to want to help people.  My mom has been my #1 supporter through everything.  I do not think I could get this far without the support and mentorship my mom has given me.  

When I came across the Lifeguard position at Timpany Center, I thought it would be a perfect position for me to apply my lifeguard training.  I love the environment here and how supportive everyone is.  I enjoy working with all kinds of people. This is what I want to do, helping those in need and spreading positivity and smiles.  I am currently certified with a lifeguard certification CPR/AED and First Aid.