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Important note:

  • All forms are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader  to view and print.
  • Most of our forms are interactive, therefore, please type on the form. Then print it out, obtain all the signatures required and submit to window "R" (Registrar) in the Student Services Center(SSC).
  • All the forms will not be provided at our front counter or the lobby.



AB 540 - go to AB 540 page.

Address/ Contact Change request

Students can update current contact information by logging into MySJSU or by submitting  Personal Information Change Request(PDF) to window “R”(Office of the Registrar), in the Student Service Center(SSC). Please bring your SJSU ID. 

Audit Option (PDF)
Request to change normal letter grading to Audit (AU). Print and read the form carefully for instructions and qualifications. Once this form is signed and submitted, student will have no option to revert the audit back to a graded option. No grade points will be posted on the student's permanent record. For additional information regarding the Audit Option, please see the SJSU online Catalog(under "G" - Grading System for Undergraduate, "AU" - Auditing a Class). Submit this form to window "R" (Registrar) in the Student Services Center(SSC) before the add deadline.


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Catalog Rights, Request to Update(PDF) revised 9/22/16

A student, who has been in continuous attendance, may normally choose to meet the SJSU campus graduation requirements in force:

(1) at the time they began continuous enrollment at a California community college or other CSU campus; or

(2) at the time they entered SJSU; or

(3) at the time they graduate from SJSU.

To change to option (1) or option (3) requires a discussion with your major advisor to go over the implications and possible changes in graduation requirements.  A change in your catalog rights may result in change to your a major or GE requirements. Students who have already applied for graduation may be required to submit  a new major form.

Change of Major/Minor - go to Change of Major/ Minor page.

Course Description:

Electronic copies of course descriptions from SJSU course catalogs are available for the years 1969 to the present through CollegeSource Online. Please note that you may need to create a free account with CollegeSource in order to view the course catalogs. Click on the "Student Access" tab on CollegeSource's page to create your account. After you search for "San Jose State University" by College name, you will see the links of SJSU course catalogs. Be sure to click on the "+"  icon in front of each link to expand your view for older editions.

Credit by Exam petition is no longer available due to policy change!

If you have any question regarding this, please contact your Major Department. To view the policy, go to F15-5, University Policy.

Credit/No Credit Option (PDF) 
Request to change normal letter grading to credit/no credit (CR/NC). This option is only available to upper-division (Junior or Senior) and Post Baccalaureate students. Print and read the form carefully for instructions and qualifications. For additional information regarding the Credit/No Credit Option, please see the University Catalog. Submit this form to window "R" (Registrar) in the Student Services Center(SSC) before the Add deadline.

Cross Enrollment (PDF) Note: SJSU is not accepting cross enrollment "incoming" applications until further notice! 

To be used by a current California State University student who wishes to enroll concurrently in a class at either a California Community College or a University of California campus. This form is also for a current California Community College or University of California student who wishes to enroll concurrently in a class at San Jose State University. Please read the form carefully for policies and procedures. Approval does not guarantee additional financial aid funding. Please check with the Financial Aid Office.


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Date of Birth Change - use Personal Information Change Request(PDF) Birth certificate or passport is required.

Duplicate Diploma (Undergraduate only) - There are 2 options to order:

1) via online -New! & Faster! Please go to this page and choose "Duplicate Diploma" to place an order and pay the fee online. You do not need to submit any paper form.

2) by completing and submitting the Duplicate Diploma - Undergraduate(PDF) form to Window R in Student Services Center or mail it to San Jose State University, Office of the Registrar, One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192-0009. There is a $10 fee per copy. Please read instruction carefully.

Graduate students - Duplicate Diploma Request is available at GAPE forms website, look under Graduation.


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Enrollment for Retroactive 1290R Requests - Students will use this link to initiate a request to enroll into a 1290R for a prior semesters.  The 1290R is a 1-unit Special Session course that allows for continuous enrollment after a graduate student has completed all required program coursework but not the thesis, dissertation, project, comprehensive exam or other culminating experience. See instruction on how to initiate this process


Excess Units Petition for Undergraduate Students for Spring 2019 (PDF) is now available!

All requested and enrolled classes must be required for the declared degree, or be related to languages, group, or ensemble-based courses such as debate team, theater performances, and other auditioned classes. If granted, approvals are only for the exact number of required additional units to add the requested classes.

If you are Graduate student, please go to GAPE Forms page and look for Graduate Petition for Excess Units under Special Petitions.


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FERPA Authorization Release Request - go to this link to initiate a request to give a designated person (usually a parent) access to your Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protected academic records. Please note that this authorization will be in effect until you submit, in writing, a letter requesting that it be reversed. See instruction on how to initiate this process.


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Gender Correction - use Personal Information Change Request(PDF). Court document, birth certificate and photo ID are required.

Grade Change Form - this form is not available from our website. View Grading FAQs for faculty on where to find the form, where to submit and more.

Graduation Application (PDF), revised 6/7/18 type on this form!!
Please read the instructions on the application carefully. Submit the completed application with your major and minor forms from your Department(s) to window "R" (Registrar) in the Student Services Center(SSC). Graduate students, please go to GAPE Forms page and look for Application for Award of Master's Degree.                                                     

Graduation Date Change (PDF), revised 5/2/19  type on this form!!

If you have submitted a graduation application but will not complete your requirements by the graduation term for which you applied, you must submit this form. Meet with your major advisor for the review and approval of this request. There is a $10 fee that must be paid to the Bursar's Office before submitting the completed form to window "R" (Registrar) in the Student Services Center(SSC). New! Faster option! you may pay with credit card via cashnet online and print the receipt and attach with this form! Graduate students, please go to  GAPE Forms page and look for Online Graduation Date Change Request under Graduation.

Graduation Worksheet Guide - Undergraduates (PDF): This guide will help answer most questions related to the information and notations on your graduations worksheet.  It is important for students who have received their graduation worksheet to review this carefully for information on substitution of courses, grades, graduation date changes, and other requirements that students are held to at the time their graduation status is reviewed prior to degree posting.


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Incomplete Extension (PDF) 
Incomplete grades can be extended for a maximum of one additional year. Extensions must be submitted to the Registrar's Office prior to the end of the semester the incomplete was due to be cleared.

Intrasystem Concurrent Enrollment (PDF)Status: closed to incoming concurrent enrollment applications. SJSU is not accepting concurrent enrollment applications until further notice.

To be used by a current California State University student who wishes to enroll concurrently at another California State University campus. Please read the form carefully for policies and procedures.

Intrasystem Visitor Enrollment (PDF)Status: closed to incoming visitor enrollment applications. SJSU is not accepting visitor enrollment applications until further notice.
To be used by a current California State University student who wishes to transfer temporarily (one semester) to another California State University campus. Please read the form carefully for policies and procedures.


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Late Drop - Undergraduate students, please go to Academic Advising and Retention Services' (AARS) petitions page and look for Petition for Course Drop(PDF).  Note: if your intention is to drop all your classes for the current semester, please look for Petition to Withdrawal form(PDF). Graduate students - Course Drop/Semester Withdrawal form is available at GAPE forms website, look under Special Petitions.

Late Enrollment Petition for all Post-Census and Retroactive Requests(PDF) 

Use this form only for all Post-Census and Retroactive(for past semester) enrollment requests. It is your responsibility to read the instructions and conditions carefully. Please review Senate Policy F09-2, Policy Recommendation, Policy on Late and Retroactive Enrollment


Leave Request - go to Leave Request page for form, instructions and related policies.

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Name Change, Preferred Name setting up - go to Change of Name page.



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Open University Forms
Please visit the Open University website to find out about class schedule, calendar, registration process and FAQs. See list of all the forms for Open University students on Open University Forms page.


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Re-Admission Petition as a Former Student Returning (FSR) to SJSU for Undergraduates(PDF) - submit completed form to Window A in Student Services Center

Reinstatement Petition - go to Reinstatement page.

Repeat in Excess of the 28 units total repeats allowed at SJSU for Undergraduate Students Petition(PDF) - New!

To be used to enroll in a courses required for degree completion(primarily for upper division courses because of most lower division courses can be repeated at Community Colleges , grade forgiveness will not apply). Required signatures are from your major department and college. 

Repeating a Course for More Than Two Times Petition(PDF), revised 8/17/18 type on thisform!!

To be used to enroll in the class for the third attempt or more that may result in grade averaging or in grade forgiveness. This will be determined at the time of processing. See University Policy F08-2 for complete description. This petition is also to be applied to courses that are not repeatable for credit.

Residency Questionnaire

Please review our Residency page for important information and guidelines before download the form below:

1) If it is your first semester and you want your residency classification reconsidered, see Residency for SJSU New Applicant page.

2) If you are a continuing matriculated student and have paid non-resident fees for the previous semester and wish to have your residency evaluated for a subsequent semester, see Residency for Continuing students page.

Retroactive Graduate Petitions
Retroactive and late course and semester withdrawals, which supersede the former Retroactive Course Drop and Retroactive Semester Withdrawal forms, can be found at the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations forms page.

Retroactive Undergraduate Petitions
Undergraduate retroactive petitions include Retroactive Academic Renewal, Retroactive Add or Drop, Retroactive Withdrawal.


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Social Security Number Change
File Personal Information Change Request(PDF) to change your social security number on your student records. This form can also be used to submit your social security number for tax purposes. A copy of SSN card and your photo ID are required.

Special Session forms 

Here you will find the forms you need for Professional Degree Programs which offered through Special Session.

Substitution form (PDF), revised 10/19/11  type on this form!! 

Use this form to authorize any changes of courses made to the original Major Form submitted with the Graduation Application. This form must be submitted in a sealed department envelope to the "R"(Registrar) counter at the Student Services Center (SSC). Graduate students, please go to GAPE forms website and look under  Request for Course Substitution in Master's Degree Program.

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Transcript: SJSU has partnered with Credentials, Inc. to provide a secure and easy to use online transcript ordering solution. Please see our Transcript page for details. 


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Undergraduate Petitions
Additional undergraduate petitions that may be used by students to obtain permission to modify, substitute or waive general education or graduation requirements. Contains descriptions on each petition and qualifications.

Unitrack Registration Form(PDF)

Further details are coming soon!


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Withdrawal from the Semester Request

Undergraduate students,  please go to Academic Advising and Retention Services(AARS)'s Petitions page  to find this form. Graduate students, please go to Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluation Forms page. Under Special Petitions, you will find Graduate Petition for Course Drop/Semester Withdrawal.