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Not calculated into GPA




Not calculated into GPA




Not calculated into GPA




Not calculated into GPA




Not calculated into GPA




Not calculated into GPA







Calculated as an F grade




Calculated as an F grade













"A, B, C, D, F" (Letter Grades)

The grading policy of the university provides that A, B, C, D, F, shall be the basic grading system at the university and shall apply to all course work acceptable toward a degree program except for those courses in which it is mandatory or permissible that Credit/No Credit grades be used or in which university policy prescribes the A,B,C/NC pattern (English 1A, 1B and 100W Writing Workshops).

  • A+, A, A- excellent
  • B+, B, B- above average
  • C+, C, C-average
  • D+, D, D- below average
  • F failure

Mandatory "CR/NC" (Credit/No Credit)

"CR/NC" (Credit/No Credit) grades are mandatory for theses and normally used in projects, field work, internships, individual studies, or directed reading. As recommended by departments and approved by the College Dean, Credit/No Credit grades may be used in activity and laboratory courses, workshops and selected seminars (colloquia). A letter grade may not be awarded for these courses.

Elective "CR/NC"

An upper-division (Junior or Senior) student shall have the option of taking a maximum of 12 semester units on the basis of Credit/No Credit for courses normally graded A, B, C, D, F (C or above = Credit; C- or below= NC), as long as the units are not in the major or minor; or in support of, in preparation for, or prerequisite to the major or the minor; or for General Education. Eligible students may choose this option by turning in the CR/NC option form available at theStudentServicesCenter by the add deadline.

Students may accumulate a maximum of 60 semester units of Credit/No Credit grades, including mandatory, elective and credit by examination, toward a baccalaureate degree. Students who are not eligible for the Credit/No Credit option, but who nonetheless sign up for it, will receive a letter grade for the course.

"AU" (Audit)

Enrollment as an auditor is subject to the permission of the instructor provided that enrollment in a course as an auditor shall be permitted only after students otherwise eligible to enroll on a credit basis have had an opportunity to do so. Auditors are subject to the same fee structure as credit students and regular class attendance is expected. Once enrolled as an auditor, a student may not change to credit status unless such a change is requested no later than the last day to add classes. Auditors must be officially registered in the course before choosing the audit grade option. Eligible students may choose this option by turning in the audit form available at theStudentServicesCenter prior to the last day to add during the add/drop registration period.

"W" (Withdrawal)

The "W" symbol indicates that the student was permitted to drop the course after the fourteenth day of instruction with the approval of the Director of Academic Services. It carries no connotation of quality of student performance and is not used in calculating grade point average or progress points. For regulations governing dropping a course and withdrawing from all courses, see index.

"I" (Incomplete)

The symbol "I" (Incomplete Authorized) indicates that a portion of required course work has not been completed and evaluated in the prescribed time period due to unforeseen, but fully justified, reasons and that there is still a possibility of earning credit. The student must not re-enroll in the course. It is the responsibility of the student to bring pertinent information to the instructor and to reach agreement on the means by which the remaining course requirements will be satisfied. A final grade is assigned when the work agreed upon has been completed and evaluated.

The thirteenth week of instruction is the beginning date for instructors to give "Incomplete," if the student qualifies. An incomplete cannot be assigned when it is necessary for the student to attend a major portion of the class when it is next offered. Further, an incomplete is prohibited in those cases where the normal practice requires extension of course requirements beyond the close of a term, e.g., thesis or project type courses. In such cases use of the "RP" symbol is required. An incomplete can be cleared even though the student is not in attendance.

An incomplete must be made up within one calendar year immediately following the end of the term in which it was assigned. This limitation prevails whether or not the student maintains continuous enrollment. Failure to complete the assigned work will result in an incomplete "I" being converted to an "IC" (or an "NC" for non-traditionally graded courses) which will affect the grade point average, unless the faculty member assigns a specific letter grade at the time the Incomplete is assigned, which would replace the "I" in the student's record at the end of the calendar year deadline. The incomplete cannot be removed on the basis of work taken at another institution nor by re-enrolling in the course. Petitions for a maximum one-year extension of time to clear incompletes are available in the Student Services Center, and must be submitted prior to the end of the semester the incomplete was due to be cleared.

"IC" (Incomplete Charged)

The "IC" symbol indicates that an Incomplete grade was not completed within the time allowed. The "IC" grades is automatically assigned if an instructor does not submit a specific letter grade and is calculated as an F grade for GPA purposes.

"RP" (Report in Progress)

The "RP" symbol is used in connection with courses that extend beyond one academic term. The symbol indicates that work in progress has been evaluated as satisfactory to date, but that the assignment of a final grade must await the completion of additional course work. Cumulative enrollment in units attempted may not exceed the total number applicable to the student's educational objective. For example, a student who has four units of 299, Master's Thesis, on the Approved Program may not enroll for more than a total of four units of 299.

All work is to be completed within one calendar year of the date of first enrollment except for graduate degree thesis courses (298 and 299 courses) which have a two-year time limit, but may not exceed the overall time limit for completion of all master's degree requirements. A final grade will be assigned to all segments of the course on the basis of overall quality. Any extension of this time period must receive prior authorization by the instructor and department chair. Forms for this procedure are available in theStudentServicesCenter.

"WU" (Withdrawal Unauthorized)

The symbol "WU" indicates that an enrolled student did not officially withdraw from or drop the course and failed to complete course requirements. It is used when, in the opinion of the instructor, assignments or course activities or both were insufficient to evaluate academic performance using A, B, C, D, or F. For purposes of calculating the grade point average this symbol is equivalent to an "F". In courses graded Credit/No Credit, or in cases where the student has elected Credit/No Credit evaluation, the symbol "NC" shall be used instead. Graduate students are advised to refer to the section on "Academic Standards for Postbaccalaureate and Graduate Studies" for additional information on how the grading system affects them.

"RD" (Report Delayed)

Official grades have not submitted by the course instructor.