I have received a Graduation Worksheet

Once you receive the Graduation Worksheet read it carefully. For assistance in reading your Graduation Worksheet see the Worksheet Guide(PDF).

A Graduation Worksheet is a summary of our assessment.   It lists outstanding requirements including:

  • GE requirements
  • Major requirements
  • Minor requirements (if applicable)
  • 2.0 GPA requirements
  • 40 Upper division unit requirements
  • 30-unit Residency requirements
  • 120 Cumulative Unit

If you find any discrepancies contact your graduation evaluator as soon as possible. The Office of the Registrar does not provide updated Graduation Worksheets. Use your Graduation Worksheet to keep track of your progress.

Your Graduation Worksheet may ask that you submit some type of form (e.g., Substitution Form, Petition, etc.) Read the Comments section carefully.  If you plan to take a course other than what is listed on your major/minor form, please have your major/minor department advisor submit a Substitution Form(PDF) .  

Please see your major advisor and/or visit your College Success Center for  academic advice, advice about registration, and/or assistance with forms. 

screen shot showing pending graduation status


To Change your Graduation Date

If after you have reviewed your Graduation Worksheet and have determined you will not complete all degree requirements on the term for which you applied to graduate, you must submit a Graduation Date Change(PDF) Form with a $10 fee.




Worksheet Guide(PDF)


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Who Is My Graduation Evaluator?(PDF)

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