Permission Number

Permission Number

A permission number (also known as an “add code”) is a 5 or 6-digit number given to students, by the instructor of the course, or the department that offers the course. 


  • Permission numbers are needed for all courses in which instructor or department consent is required.
  • Permission numbers override pre-requisites, except for passing "WST". If MySJSU noted that you do not have the pre-requisite(s) for a particular course while you attempted to register, a permission number from the instructor will be required. Please show the proof of your pre-requisite(s) to the instructor of the class.
  • Permission numbers do not expire until successfully used by the last day to add. Please view Registration calendar of that particular term for the add deadlines.
  • Permission numbers are specific to a section. A permission number for a particular section is good for that section only. 
  • Permission numbers cannot override Time Conflicts. You will need to obtain a letter, written on department letterhead, from the instructor that is making the accommodation for the time conflict. This letter must state that the instructor is aware of the time conflict and the student is approved to add the class. You must bring the letter and a permission number to the window "R" (Registrar) in the Student Services Center (SSC). Our staff will verify the letter and register you in the class.

 “Instructor Consent” or “Department Consent”

Should you receive a registration error indicating that “Instructor Consent” is required, you must go to the instructor to obtain the Permission number. To add the course, use the Permission Number with the Class Number for that specific course section, as listed in the course schedule.“Department Consent” requires students to go to the department that offers the course to obtain the Permission Number. To add the course, use the Permission Number with the Class Number for that specific course section, as listed in the course schedule.Permission numbers become ‘used’ only after an enrollment request is successful. To assure a successful enrollment request if you are adding using a permission number, remember the following before clicking the submit button:

  • Check that you have no holds.
  • Check that you have met all prerequisites.
  • Only enter the enrollment section in the class number section.
  • Enter any and all Component Courses (e.g., corequisite labs or seminars) and determine what required course is approved even before trying to "Enroll in the Class."

To enroll if you submitted a number but received an error, re-enter the same permission number after resolving the error.


Disclaimer:  The above information was taken from SJSU Catalog . To view if there is any update information, please follow this Navigation guide: SJSU Catalog> SJSU Policies and Procedures > Registration >Registration - Adding a Class > Registration - “Instructor Consent” or “Department Consent”