Registration - Priority Group

Current work-in-progress is used to determine class level for registration purposes. All priority groups are approved by the Student Success Committee of the Academic Senate.

Group One

  •  New entering educational equity students
  • Appropriately certified students with disabilities
  • Veterans and active service members
  • Certain students who represent or serve San José State University
  • Students in certain programs with rigid registration requirements
  • Foster youths

 Group Two

  •  First-Time Freshmen (registration is completed through Frosh Orientation)

 Group Three

  •  All students who have applied for graduation

 Group Four

  •  Non-graduating Graduate students based on rotating alphabetical groupings

 Group Five

  •  Non-graduating Seniors based on alphabetical groupings

 Group Six

  •  Second Baccalaureate students based on alphabetical groupings

 Group Seven

  •  All other Juniors based on rotating alphabetical groupings

 Group Eight

  •  All other Sophomores and Freshmen based on rotating alphabetical groupings


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Disclaimer:  The above information was taken from SJSU Catalog : SJSU Policies and Procedures : Registration : Registration - Priority Groups.