Reinstatement is a process that allows a student who has been disqualified at SJSU to become eligible for readmission at SJSU. Readmission is the process of reapplying to the next available application cycle through  The California State University website and it is dependent on meeting all eligibility criteria. 

Reinstatement is a different process from readmission: Readmission of a disqualified student is not possible unless reinstatement has been approved. However, students must note that reinstatement is not a guarantee of readmission. There may even be some situations in which reinstatement is sought with no intention of reapplying to SJSU, such as for admission to another institution or program.

In most situations, students will need to apply for readmission prior to being reinstated due to the timing of our application deadlines. All returning students must submit an application for admissions to SJSU. Reapply for the next available application cycle at The California State University website by the published deadline. If you miss the deadline for your desired term, you will need to submit an application for the next available term. The major listed on your reinstatement petition is the major in which you have been approved to return. Due to impaction, the university may not be able to admit all the eligible applicants. Please see Admission information.

Note: Former students returning may complete and submit the Re-Admission as a Former Student Returning(FSR) by the deadlines stated in the form to receive priority consideration for admission. If you meet the upper division transfer requirements, you may gain admission priority by completing and obtaining departmental approval for this FSR petition.


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