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Dear Students, Staff and Faculty,


It is with great enthusiasm that our Student Affairs Leadership Team share with you the 2016-2019 Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan. Our goal is to clarify the strategic priorities and plans for our Division and ensure they align with the upcoming campus strategic plan. I invite you to read it and learn about our "smart goals" that support student success. Please feel free to let me know if you have questions by sending me an email to


Go Spartans!


Dr. Sharon R. Willey

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs


Our Mission

In keeping with the academic mission of the institution, the Division of Student Affairs exists to provide student-focused programs and services that support student success and enhance the student experience at San José State University. Our aim is to create critical student learning opportunities beyond the classrooms that support the intellectual, personal, and civic growth of our students.

Our Values

Our core values are what we stand for as employees and professionals in the field of Student Affairs at San José State University. These six values—Learning, Student Success, Excellence, Integrity, Diversity, and Community—are reflected in the many programs and services we offer our students and the campus community. Our values guide us as we carry out our mission and the vision of the institution:


We value education above all. The academic freedom of faculty and students is vital to our role of promoting life-long learning. We recognize learning takes place both in and out of the classroom and strongly support the educational mission of the institution and the integration of theory and practice, scholarship and application.

Student Success

Our highest priority is to ensure our students’ success. We provide highly successful programs that complement in-class learning and enhance the college experience of our students. The success of our students is our success!


We set high standards and support continuous improvement and innovations. We model quality service delivery and excellence in our co-curricular offerings.


We expect honesty, fairness, and accountability in all our interactions. We promote academic integrity and ethical and personal responsibility. We attempt to be the same on the inside as we are on the outside, thereby exercising our highest professional standards.


We value diversity and inclusion by treating others with trust, care, and mutual respect. We foster just communities that appreciate and embrace different perspectives; we promote a campus that is welcoming and inviting to ALL.  


We recognize that community begins with us as a campus family – how we care for and support one another. Community also extends beyond our campus to our surrounding neighborhoods. As such, we embrace and value collaborative relationships and service within and beyond our campus.