Faculty Resources

Learn more about SJSU's academic advising vision, student expectations, advisor responsibilities, advisor survey results, and more. 

Useful Documents

Advising Summit - March 5th, 2021

March 5 Advising Summit [pdf]

video recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zCyl9wpFRc

February 2021 - CSU Graduation Initiative 2020 Briefing Document: Focus on Advising

Focus on Advising [pdf]

Advising Summit - December 4th, 2020

Everyday Compassion with Dr. Sophia Lin Ott [pdf]

Video recording: https://youtu.be/Wb16trXWvMg

Advising Summit - October 2nd, 2020

We have listed links to the Advising Summit presentation for all of our SJSU Undergraduate Academic Advising colleagues who were unable to join us on Oct. 2nd. 

October 2, 2020 Advising Summit - Part I (Goals/Strategies, Spring 2020 Student and Advisor Survey Presentations): https://youtu.be/ymmYgj2_S48

October 2, 2020 Advising Summit - Part II (Discussion and Wrap-up): https://youtu.be/_M52yeyAYqA

Professional Development: Summer Academy- June 1st, 2020

We have listed links to the various presentations for all of our Undergraduate Academic Advising SJSU colleagues who were unable to join us at our June 1st Summer Academy. 


Information for Campus Advisors

Why should students have all the fun? This webpage is dedicated to supporting Faculty and Staff Advisors on campus by providing helpful information to aid in the advising process. Please find a list of useful links for advisors to the left.

Academic Senate and CSU Executive Order Information

Forms and Petitions Students Require

Academic Forms - Forms maintained by the Office of the Registrar, including but not limited to:

  • Audit Option
  • Change of Major/Minor
  • Credit by Exam
  • CR/NC Option
  • Excess Units
  • Graduation Application
  • "I" Extension
  • Late Drop/Enrollment Requests
  • Leave of Absence
  • Reinstatement
  • Transcripts
  • General Education and Graduation Requirements 
  • Undergraduate Petitions 
  • Graduate Forms - Forms from Graduate Admissions and Evaluations.
  • Open University Forms - Forms for students taking courses through Open University

How to Find GE Courses Offered Each Semester

Core GE, SJSU Studies, American Institutions, MUSE courses, and other information about General Education Requirements and courses can be found online in the schedule of classes each semester. You can find static links to this webpage for each semester at the links below:

Please double check the year for each semester, as they are each updated yearly when the new schedule of classes comes out (therefore the link to Summer may link to the GE information for LAST summer, not this coming summer if the new schedule of classes has not yet come out).

How to Place and/or Lift a Hold on Student's Account

In order to be able to place and lift holds on a student's account, faculty and staff must attend a training put on by the CMS Training Team. Quick steps on how to place/remove holds may be found at the IT Help Desk Tutorials

How to Run a My Progress report

In order to run a My Progress report (a portion of Peoplesoft that allows faculty and staff to see which requirements a students has met, and those he/she has not yet met) faculty and staff must attend an Academic Advising training put on by the IT Help Desk. Instructions on running the report may be found on IT Help Desk tutorials

If you find an error with a student's MyProgress, please file a discrepancy report so that the appropriate staff can look into the issue.

Online General Education Information

Schedule of Classes GE Information

General Education Info - Includes:

  • Intro to GE
  • Overview of Requirements
  • List of Majors with Exceptions
  • Listing of GE courses for the current semester (Core, Am. Inst., & SJSU Studies)
  • MUSE Courses
  • Previous GE Requirements

General Education (GE) - Requirements Overview - Includes:

  • Distribution of Requirements
  • Explanation of Requirements
  • Explanation of GE Program

SJSU Calendars and Schedules


Information and resources designed to assist faculty in their teaching, research and management responsibilities. Additional resources are available on the Faculty Affairs website.