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Service-learning / community learning is an instructional strategy that promotes student learning through active participation in meaningful service in the community directly related to course objectives. Through reflective activities, students enhance understanding of course content, general knowledge, self-awareness, civic responsibility and commitment to the community. This community-based, experiential learning pedagogy is distinguished as a High Impact Practice.

Embedded in the mission of our Center is support for faculty to implement, assess, and document high quality service-learning.  Center staff:

  • Consult on best practices for implementation of service-learning, a high impact pedagogy.
  • Facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships between faculty and community organizations.
  • Streamline processes to meet SJSU and Chancellor's Office policies regarding service-learning risk management and reporting.
  • Encourage career development, engagement and retention of faculty members by assisting them in documenting service-learning as service to their discipline, the university, its students and the community.
  • Promote the development and dissemination of scholarship related to assessment and evaluation of community engaged activities.