Community Engaged Learning Module Grants

The Center for Community Learning & Leadership (CCLL) offers Community Engaged Learning Module Grants.  Applicants may request up to $1,500 in professional development funds as an award for the scholarship, service and pedagogical innovation involved in creating and sharing an original module. Each original module includes:

-  Learning objectives
-  Video lecture by the faculty recipient
-  Academic readings
-  Topical video or film
-  Experiential opportunities for the application of learning and specific relevant action
-  Assignments that enable students to integrate knowledge gained from course materials and applied opportunities.

Curriculum Development Grants

These grants support faculty to design and implement a new service-learning component in an existing or new course in alignment with the Chancellor’s Office Community Engaged Learning Taxonomy [pdf].  The service-learning course component may be in-person, virtual, or a mix of both approaches.

Requests for Proposals are posted here when funding is available.

Research Grants

In addition to Curriculum Development Grants, our Center offers Service Learning Research Grants. The grants support faculty to assess the service learning experience for students, faculty, and/or community partners. CCLL helps guide assessment development as well as connect grant recipients with the research participants.

Requests for Proposals are posted here when funding is available.