Civic Action Fellowship

The Civic Action Fellowship was expanded and rebranded by California Volunteers in the Office of the Governor.  It is now called the SJSU College Corps, more information can be found on our College Corps page.  

The Civic Action Fellowship is a partnership between California Volunteers within the Office of the Governor, AmeriCorps and a coalition of public and private universities designed to help students pay for college while addressing regional challenges. This unique collaboration between federal and state funds allows SJSU undergraduate and graduate student Civic Action Fellows from diverse disciplines to provide computer programming enrichment for underserved third through sixth grade children. In addition, Civic Action Fellows serve through other local initiatives. For their efforts, Fellows receive a monthly living allowance and an education award upon completion of the program.

Since the program launched, more than 80 Fellows have mentored over 150 local 3rd-6th graders. The first co-hort of Fellows completed a total of 23,940 hours of service and 5,985 training hours while mostly sheltering in place. As a result of their participation, Fellows reported they experienced three primary benefits: increased Professional Development, increased Community and Campus Engagement, and increased Awareness of Self and Others.

Read more about the Fellowship in a SJSU Newsroom article at this link SJSU Civic Action Fellowship Recognized By California’s Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday.

Quotes from Third - Sixth Grade Participants

"I learned how to code and solve programming problems in order to successfully get a project to operate. I also learned how to create programming projects in Scratch."

"I learned that programming can help in changing the world to [be a] better place."

"I enjoyed the challenge of fixing programming mistakes given to me and playing the mini games after fixing them."

"What I liked was being able to work with others because oftentimes I work by myself because my friends aren't into coding."

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Meet the Civic Action Fellows:

CA Fellow Tiffany Helping youth during Cyber Spartans