Community Engaged Learning Module Library

The purpose of the Community Engaged Learning Module Library is to engage students in materials, events and projects that promote community learning and action to address pressing social issues.  Each module contains the equivalent of a week's content for an academic course. The library will grow over time as modules on new topics are added.  This initiative enables faculty to access germane instructional material that contributes to the public good.  This module library was inspired by Northeastern's Pandemic Teaching Initiative Module Library, and our long held belief that we must empower and develop students as critical, informed and engaged members of a democratic society.


Each faculty member's original module includes:

  • Learning objectives
  • Introductory video by the faculty member who developed the curriculum
  • Academic readings
  • Topical video or film
  • Experiential opportunities for the application of learning and specific relevant action
  • Assignments that enable students to integrate knowledge gained from course materials and applied opportunities