Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Research Group Members

David BrookDavid Brook
Professor, Organic Chemistry
SCI 166

Synthesis and coordination chemistry of stable free radicals, magnetochemistry, self assembly and supramolecular chemistry, molecular devices.


Philip DirlamPhilip Dirlam
Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry
DH 516


Laura Miller ConradLaura Miller Conrad
Associate Professor, Chemical Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry
DH 608

Synthesis and investigation of anti-quorum sensing and anti-virulence compounds in bacteria.


Roy OkudaRoy Okuda
Professor, Organic Chemistry
DH 009A

Bio-organic chemistry of enzymes, marine natural products.


Chester SimockoChester Simocko
Assistant Professor, Organic and Polymer Chemistry
DH 001

Synthesis of precise homopolymers and block copolymers via acyclic diene metathesis (ADMET) and alternating diene metathesis, characterization of mixed polymer brushesm polymer self-assembly, and polymer phase behavior and morphology.