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Spring 2021


Title: “Data Science for Social Good: A Library and Information Science Perspective”

Date: April 16, 2021

Presenter: Dr. Michelle Chen, School of Information.

Watch the Presentation(Passcode: Ls5@*Aaa)

Dr. Lili Luo

Abstract: One of the emerging trends in data science is how to help nonprofits and government sectors solve more problems and achieve more goals with their data by improving services, interventions, and outreach. With the initiative of "data science for social good", these organizations can fulfill their mission of serving the people more positively and equitably. In this talk, Dr. Michelle Chen spoke about her research in the field of data science for social good, in collaboration with Kaggle and Alameda County Library, and provided insights into how Library and Information Science professionals could use data science for better patron retention, service, and engagement, as well as program design.