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Undergraduate Advising:Change of Major

Review the CMPE Department change of major policy, guide, and frequently asked questions.
Email the CMPE/SE undergraduate change of major advisor, Monica Serna, at undergradadvisor-cmpe-se@sjsu.edu to request an appointment. Include your full name, student ID number, and any specific questions you may have about the process.


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NEW IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the complications of adding students to CMPE 180 after the add deadline, the CMPE Department will not allow students to enroll into CMPE 180 AFTER the add deadline. The add deadlines are posted on the Registration Calendars for each term. This means you will need to find an internship, get an offer letter, and submit it to your advisor BEFORE the add deadline. Submitting your form on the add deadline will not guarantee you to get your documents reviewed and approved with an add code to CMPE 180 sent to you before 4:30 PM that day. The CMPE Department will not make any exceptions.

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