Apply to Graduate


Graduation Application Instructions For Students Who Have Not Already Applied For Graduation:

To apply for graduation, submit the following to CoSAC:

  1. Submit the Graduation Application Google FormYou must be signed in to your SJSU email in order to access the form.
  2. Read below for next steps for your declared major:
    1. Biology & Math Majors:
      1. Contact your major advisor to get your remaining major coursework approved. 
      2. Your major advisor must submit your completed, signed remaining major coursework to CoSAC.
      3. CoSAC does not accept approved major coursework directly from students
    2. Computer Science Majors
      1. Computer Science Majors MUST complete a Graduation Workshop before applying to graduate.
      2. Following the Graduation Workshop, contact your major advisor to review your remaining coursework.
      3. Submit approved coursework to Rula Khayrallah for approval. The coursework plan will be submitted to CoSAC once it is approved.
      4. CoSAC does not accept approved major coursework directly from students.
      5. You will be contacted with your next steps  within 14 business days after you have submitted the Graduation Application Google Form.
    3. Chemistry, Geology, Meteorology, and Physics:
      1. Contact your major advisor to get your remaining major coursework approved. Approved major coursework will be submitted electronically to CoSAC by your advisor.
      2. CoSAC does not accept approved major coursework directly from students.
      3. Each department and advisor may have a different process for students to follow. Check with your major advisor.
  • Google Form Graduation Applications will not be processed until your approved graduation plan has been approved and submitted to CoSAC.
      1. If you would like priority registration for Fall 2022, you must submit your CoSAC Graduation Application Google Form by March 7th AND must have your approved graduation plan signed by your advisor and received by CoSAC no later than September 5th in order for us to have time to review and process your application. 
      2. All approved graduation major coursework received after October 4th will be processed but not in time for priority registration.
      3. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with their advisor and/or department to confirm that their remaining major graduation coursework has been approved and submitted to CoSAC.
      4. Students must be declared as the correct major BEFORE they apply to graduate.
      5. For a complete list of graduation application deadlines please consult the Graduation Application Deadlines page on the CoSAC website. 
  • If you have a minor:
    • For College of Science Minors: contact the minor advisor to submit a Minor Form to CoSAC.
      • To declare a College of Science Minor: a complete Minor Packet must be submitted to CoSAC by the deadline for a semester to be considered (including Request to Add Minor petition and Minor Form signed by minor advisor). Not all Requests to Add Minors are approved.
        • Fall: October 1st
        • Spring: March 1st
      • College of Science Minor Application Information
      • Minor requirements should show as complete in MyProgress.
      • For classes that are approved to share between the major and minor, if there is an issue in MyProgress, report the issue to CoSAC via the MyProgress Issue Google Form on the CoSAC website.
    • For Minors in other Colleges: contact the minor advisor to complete their Minor Process.
      • Minor requirements should ultimately be cleared in MyProgress.
      • If the minor department does not clear requirements in MyProgress, the department must submit a Minor Form to CoSAC and the College of Science Graduation Evaluator ( on your behalf.

Once the Graduation Application & Major Form are received and approved:

  1. The graduation status in MyProgress will be changed to “Applied for Graduation”.
  2. The Graduation Application & Major Form will be reviewed & processed by CoSAC.
    • Embedded minors will be added.
    • Program changes (like Requirement/Catalog term updates, for example) will be made.
    • Approved substitutions, equivalencies & department approval courses will be added to MyProgress.
  3. Processed applications will be forwarded to the College of Science Graduation Evaluator: .
    • The graduation status will be updated to “Needs to Finish Pending Work”.
    • Students will be sent an email notification with additional information.
    • Students MUST CHECK MyProgress to identify any remaining issues.
      • If there are issues with GE/SJSU Requirements, make an appointment with the CoSAC GE Advisor.
      • Report Issues to CoSAC via the MyProgress Issue Google Form.
      • Contact the CoSAC Graduation Specialist ( if there are any issues with MyProgress.
  4. The Graduation Status will remain “Needs to Finish Pending Work” until after the last semester when the Degree is Awarded.
    • MyProgress will be used to evaluate & award degrees.
    • All Red Square issues with MyProgress must be resolved before the end of the last semester otherwise there may be delays awarding the degree.
  5. All Graduation Requirements in MyProgress (University, Major & Minor, if applicable) must be Green/Complete by the end of the graduation term.
    • If you will not finish all of your requirements by the end of your graduation term, you must submit a CoSAC Grad Date Change DocuSign page:  
    • Students who need to change their graduation date will not be given an enrollment appointment to add classes for any following term until the Graduation Date Change form is processed.
  6.  All transfer credit must be posted to your Transfer Credit Report.
    • If you have credit that is not posted, email
    • If you have credit that is posted incorrectly, report it to CoSAC  Graduation Specialist ( 
  7. Degrees will be evaluated by the Registrar's Office after Academic Standing is posted. Check the Registrar’s website for details about when degrees are evaluated, awarded, and sent out.