Action Plan Meeting

What to Expect

Action plan meetings at the conclusion of the program planning process were established in the fall semester of 2013.  Further information is given below:

Who Attends

The Action Plan meeting is held with the Provost (or Designee), Senior Vice Provost, College Dean, VP Undergraduate Education, Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, AVP for Research, Program Planning Chair, as well as the Chair, Faculty and Staff of the Department being reviewed. Administrative staff supporting Program Planning attends and records the action plan.

Purpose of Meeting

The purpose of the action plan meeting is to conclude the Program Planning process and to ideally agree upon three to five action items for the department for the next seven years, or until the next review.    

Format of Meeting

The Letter to the Provost authored by the Program Planning Committee forms the basis for discussion at the action plan meeting.  Attendees should be familiar with the contents beforehand.  The agenda of the meeting is roughly as follows:

  1. Updates and/or corrections to the Letter to the Provost. 
  2. Discussion of action items and recommendations from the department, dean, external reviewer, and Program Planning Committee.
  3. Consensus on action plan, including milestones and timeline.

What Happens Next

After the meeting, a draft of the action plan will be emailed to the department chair, dean, and provost from the Office of Undergraduate Education.  After requested changes (if any) are addressed, it is signed by the chair, dean, and provost, and posted publicly on the department's Program Records webpage.  Follow up on the action plan occurs in annual program assessment, as well as at the next program planning review.


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