Assessment Completion (2013-2014)

Applied Sciences and Arts

Health Sci and Rec: Health Sci (BS), Recreation (BS)

Journalism and Mass Comm: Advertising (BS), Journalism (BS), Public Relations (BS)

Kinesiology (BS, MA)

NUFS: Nutritional Science (BS/BS-Dietetics/BS-Packaging, MS)

Nursing (BS, MS)

Occupational Therapy (Masters)

SLIS: Library and Info Sci (Masters), Archives and Records Admin (Masters)


Business Admin (BS, MBA)

Accountancy (MS)

Taxation (MS)

Transportation Management (MS)



CD&S (BA, MA/Cred)

Counselor Ed (MA/Cred)

Educational Leadership (MA/Cred)

Elementary Leadership (MA/Cred)

Secondary Ed (MA/Cred)

Special Ed (MA/Cred)



Aerospace Eng (BS, MS)

Biomedical Eng (BS, MS)

Chemical Eng (BS, MS)

Civil Eng (BS, MS)

Computer Eng: CMPE (BS, MS), SE (BS, MS)

Electrical Eng (BS, MS)

General Eng (BS, MS)

Industrial and Systems Eng: ISE (BS, MS), Human Factors/Erg (MS)

Materials Eng (BS, MS)

Mechanical Eng (BS, MS)

Off-campus programs: MBA/MSE, MS EE-Analog, MSE-Optoelectronics, MS CMPE-Cloud, MS CMPE-System

Humanities and Arts 

Art/Art Hist: Art (BA, BFA, MFA), Art History (MA)

Dance (BA, BFA)

Design: Art (BA-Graphic Design, BFA-Anim/Illust), Graphic Design (BFA), Industrial Design (BS), Interior Design (BFA)

English (BA, MA, MFA-Creative Writing)

Humanities: Hum (BA), Liberal Studies (BA), Creative Arts (BA, TeachPrep)

LLD: Linguistics (BA, MA), TESOL (MA)

Music (BA/BM/BM-TeachPrep, MA)

Philosophy (BA, MA)

TRFT: Radio Television Film (BA), Theatre Arts (BA)

World Languages: Chinese (BA), French (BA, MA), German (BA), Japanese (BA), Spanish (BA,MA)


Biology (BA/BS, MA/MS, MS-Biotech)

Chemistry (BA/BS/BS-Biochem, MA/MS)

Computer Science (BS, MS)

Geology (BS)

Marine Science (MS)

Math (BA/BA-TeachPrep/BS-Applied Math, MA/MS/MS-Statistics)

Meteorology (BS/BS-Climate Science, MS)


Science Ed (MA)

Social Sciences

Anthropology: Anthro (BA), Behavioral Science (BA), Applied Anthro (MA)

Communication Studies (BA, MA)

Economics (BA/BS, MA/MA-Applied Econ)

Env Studies (BA/BS, MS)

Global Studies (BA)

History (BA, MA)

Mexican American Studies (MA)

Political Science (BA, MPA)

Psychology: Psych (BA/BS), Clinical Psych (MS), Research and Experimental Psych (MA)

SISS: Sociology (BA, MA), Social Science (BA- TeachPrep)

Urban Planning (Masters)