Our Team

image of katherine harris


Dr. Katherine D. Harris, Director of Public Programming, College of Humanities & the Arts

Alena Sauzade smiling in blue collared shirt.


Dr. Alena Sauzade, Gallery Director & Collections Manager, Thompson Gallery

Kerry Rohmeier smiling and looking at camera directly.


Dr. Kerry Rohrmeier, Assistant Professor, Dept of Urban Studies

Kerri Malloy in pink shirt and grey sweater


Dr. Kerri J. Malloy, Assistant Professor, Dept of Humanities

Judi Heher smiling headshot.

Contributor & Tour Guide

Judi Heher

Lou Jimenez with painted wall.

Contributor & Tour Guide

Lou Jimenez

Photo of Oscar Lopez-Guerrero

Contributor & Tour Guide

Oscar Lopez-Guerrero

image of hunter Ridenour


Hunter Ridenour


headshot of jocelle galanza

Graphic Designer

Jocelle Galanza


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