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A blue rectangle with nine darker-blue hexagons outlined in gold, each with an icon of a scientific field.  The top row is chemical, electrical, software, materials, and energy.  The bottom row is mechanical, therapeutics and vaccines, diagnostic markers & platforms, and medical imaging.
Schematic diagram of Boron nanoparticles.

Boronated Nanoscale Substate and Uses Thereof

A novel method for grafting boron shells onto diamond nanoparticles, resulting in boron-coated diamond nanoparticles (ND-B).

High resolution TEM and EDS of ND-BBr3 deposited ontocarbon TEM grids.

Functionalized Nanoscale Diamonds and Uses Thereof

A technology that enhances the reactivity of nanoscale diamond surfaces, allowing for the formation ofnew chemical bonds at room temperature.

Diagram of microbial platform showing inbound materials and output

Microbial Platform for Rare Earth Bioaccumulation and Use Thereof

A bacterium is used to bioaccumulate and recover rare earth elements (REEs) from various sources, including electronic waste, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional extraction methods.

Diagram of antibacterial adjuvants

Antibacterial Adjuvants and Applications Thereof

Small molecules that increase the susceptibility of multidrug-resistant bacteria to last resort antibiotics known as cationic antimicrobialpeptides (CAPs) thereby providing a life-saving therapeutic option for patients.

A multi-jointed mannequin of a premature infant, being held against a brightly-colored print blanket.

Medical Premature Infant Mannequin

A realistic premature infant positioning mannequin designed to train neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurses in proper developmental positioning.

A black-and-white diagram of neural network computing.

Neural Network In-Memory Computing

A solution to the slow training speeds and other issues associated with synapses in Neural Network In-Memory Computing with practical applications in low-power edge devices like security cameras and drones, and high-performance computers.

Diagram of smart breast pump including sensor locations.

Smart Breast Pump

A smart robotic breast pumpthat integrates self-adjusting compression and vacuum pressures, along with a temperature control system, to provide a safe, efficient, and comfortable pumping experience for breast feeding mothers.

Diagram of vaciable channel doping with voltage and ion scales.

Variable Channel Doping in Vertical Transistor 

A method for growing verticalpower transistors with gradual doping, allowing for simultaneous reduction in resistance (Ron) and increase in breakdown voltage (BV) that can improve the performance of power electronic circuits by 2-4 X without additional costs or modifications.