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Variable Channel Doping in Vertical Transistor

Computer simulations chart.The variable channel doping in vertical transistors, such as in a gradual channel doping SiC MOSFET, reduces Ron and increases BV of the transistors at the same time. The high BV is desired for reliability/safety and the lower on-state current is for reducing the conduction energy loss. The variation in doping is achieved using multiple implantations or in-situ doping during epitaxial growth.
Tech Brief on Variable Channel Doping in Vertical Transistor [pdf]

Antibacterial Adjuvants

Adjuvant compound.This proposed technology represents a significant step forward as a combination therapy with existing CAP treatments, and has an immediate application in the treatment of CAP-resistant P. aeruginosa infections. Additionally, it will enhance the treatment of non-resistant strains by reducing the required CAP dosage, thus reducing negative side effects associated with large CAP doses, such as impaired kidney function.
This technology is jointly owned by Princeton and SJSU.
Tech Brief on Antibacterial Adjuvants and Applications Thereof [pdf]

Medical Premature Infant Mannequin

Premature infant mannequin.It is a realistic medical premature infant mannequin. The mannequin is the size of an infant born at 26 weeks gestation and weighs approximately 1 pound 11 ounce. The mannequin has appropriate proportions and flexibility that mimics a preterm infant.
Tech Brief on Medical Premature Infant Mannequin [pdf]