A dark haired man dressed in a sport coat and tshirt, laughing, takes a selfie with an amber-toned roomful of people behind him. Join SpartUp!

You can apply for membership or partnership with the SpartUp Incubator in the way that's right for you.  

To apply, click the appropriate membership below.

Incubator Membership: When you join the SpartUp Incubator, you become a Spartaneur, a special breed of entrepreneur with the heart of an SJSU Spartan. We know how to fight for what we need, we know how to work harder and longer than others, we know how to do more with less… and now you will learn how to tie it all together for the purpose of entrepreneurship.

The SpartUp Incubator program is available to SJSU Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff, and their co-founding team. Each member must apply individually, but only one member of a startup must be an affiliate of SJSU. 

Mentor, Advisor or Speaker:  The SpartUp Incubator welcomes mentors, area-specific advisors, and speakers from all industries and sectors who can help fulfill our mission to support entrepreneurship and bring value to SJSU Spartaneurs.

Partner: Connect your organization with a diverse and talented group of entrepreneurial Spartans and collaborate with us on innovations, research and commercialization. We have many opportunities for organizations to work with us, from paid corporate sponsorship to shared innovation and collaboration on events, training and special programs. Let's explore the right partnership for you!