Faculty and Staff

Dr. Yasser DessoukyDr. Yasser Dessouky
Professor & Chair, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Phone: (408) 924-4133
Email: yasser.dessouky@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485E
Research interests: Production and Lean systems, statistical process improvement, supply chain optimization, simulation of large complex systems


Dr. Jacob TsaoDr. Jacob Tsao
Phone: (408) 924-4088
Email: jacob.tsao@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485I 
Research interests: Design of Statistical Experiment; Statistical Quality Control and Reliability Theory; Operations Research; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Efficient Operations of Large Vehicles - Trucks and Buses


Dr. Niranjani (Minnie) PatelDr. Niranjani (Minnie) Patel
Professor, MS Engineering Management Coordinator
Phone: (408) 924-4152
Email: minnie.patel@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485E
Research interests: Applied Statistics, Applied Operations Research, Supply Chain Engineering, Data Analytics



Dr. S. Ayca ErdoganDr. S. Ayca Erdogan
Associate Professor, ISE Graduate Program Coordinator
Email: ayca.erdogan@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485F
Research interests: Data analytics, statistical, simulation and optimization modeling and applications on problems related to service (healthcare) and production systems



Dr. Anil KumarDr. Anil Kumar
Associate Professor, Director of HFE Graduate Program
Phone: (408) 924-7850
Email: anil.kumar@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485B
Research interests: Product design and development (medical products and healthcare), ergonomics, human factors, work measurement and analysis, lean manufacturing, production/operations management, and safety


Dr. Dan Nathan-RobertsDr. Dan Nathan-Roberts
Associate Professor
Email: dan.nathan-roberts@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485J
Research interests: Human Factors in healthcare; Innovation and interdisciplinary design education; Lay-user healthcare design; Human-robot trust; Ergonomics; User-Centered Design



Dr. Gaojian Huang

Dr. Gaojian Huang
Assistant Professor
Phone: (408) 924-4010
Email: gaojian.huang@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485A
Research interests: Human-automation interaction; Automated driving; Aging and technology; Human-machine interface; Human behavior modeling; Inclusive design


Dr. Hongrui LiuDr. Hongrui Liu
Assistant Professor
Phone: (408) 924-3989
Email: hongrui.liu@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485H
Research interests: Optimization and statistical modeling, algorithms, data analytics and their applications in supply chain and energy industry


Dr. Yupeng WeiDr. Yupeng Wei
Assistant Professor
Email: yupeng.wei@sjsu.edu 
Research interests: Optimization, machine learning, data analytics and their applications in quality monitoring, anomaly detection, and degradation prognostics.  



Dr. Anthony D AndreDr. Anthony D Andre
Adjunct Professor, Principal,
Interface Analysis Associates
Phone: (408) 848-6014
Email: anthony.andre@sjsu.edu




Dr. Abbas MoallemDr. Abbas Moallem
Affiliated/Adjunct Professor
Phone: (925) 694-5605
Email: abbas.moallem@sjsu.edu


Dr. Andrew JamesDr. Andrew James
Adjunct Professor
Email: andrew.james@sjsu.edu





Mr. Dan RosenbergMr. Dan Rosenberg
Adjunct Professor
Email:  daniel.rosenberg@sjsu.edu





Dr. Joseph BarjisDr. Joseph Barjis
Adjunct Professor
Email: joseph.barjis@sjsu.edu





Mr. Jose FlahauxMr. Jose Flahaux
Adjunct Professor
Email: jose.flahaux@sjsu.edu






Mr. Khaled MabroukMr. Khaled Mabrouk
Adjunct Professor
Email: khaled.mabrouk@sjsu.edu






Dr. Patrick TamDr. Patrick Tam
Adjunct Professor
Vice President of Operational Effectiveness

Email: patrick.tam@sjsu.edu






Dr. Ramesh SrinivasanDr. Ramesh Srinivasan
Adjunct Professor
Email: ramesh.srinivasan@sjsu.edu


Dr. Shilpa GuptaDr. Shilpa Gupta
Adjunct Professor
Email: shilpa.gupta@sjsu.edu




Dr. Supreeta AminDr. Supreeta Amin
Adjunct Professor
Email: supreeta.amin@sjsu.edu




Mr. Tom PhamMr. Tom Pham
Adjunct Professor
Email: tom.pham@sjsu.edu





Dr. Louis FreundDr. Louis Freund
Professor Emeritus 
Phone: (408) 924-3890
Email: louis.freund@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485
Research interests: Human factors engineering, work measurement, process (quality) control, system simulation, and engineering economics.


Dr. Kevin Corker

Dr. Kevin Corker
Emeritus Professor
1953 - 2008





Mr. Marc Komrosky

Mr. Marc Komrosky
Emeritus Professor
1961 - 2012





Dr. Don NewnanDr. Don Newnan
Distinguished Emeritus Professor






Dr. Ernest UnwinDr. Ernest Unwin
Emeritus Professor
1933 - 2013






FabiolaFabiola Arellano
Administrative Analyst
Phone: (408) 924-3321
Email: fabiola.arellano@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 491G