Awards and Spotlights

Celebrating Achievements

The ISE department is extremely proud of our students, alumni, faculty, staff and all of their incredible accomplishments. Learn more about the awards, grants they've won and the research they've conducted below.

Research and Grants

Take a moment to review the research that our faculty and alumni have conducted and the grants they've received.

Faculty and Staff Honors and Awards

Explore the variety of awards and honors our faculty and staff have received throughout the years. 

Student Awards

It isn't just our faculty and staff that receive accolades—our students have also received many awards.

ISE Alumni Spotlights

Many of our alumni have gone on to do amazing things. We Spotlight some of their accomplishments on our dedicated page.

ISE Faculty Spotlights

Take a minute to check out what some of our faculty has accomplished during their time in the ISE department.

Student Project Sponsors Spotlights

Some of our excellent students had the opportunity to complete a project under a corporate sponsorship. Find out more here.

ISE Advisory Council Spotlights

The Advisory Council for ISE does fantastic work every year. Here's more information on how they help make ISE what is it today.

Six Sigma Black Belt Exam

Click here for details on the exam