Mission Statement

The Mission of the Industrial and Systems Engineering program (ISE) is to serve society, with emphasis on the manufacturing and service sectors by:

  • Providing undergraduate and graduate industrial and systems engineering education that prepares students to effectively apply engineering knowledge to the evaluation, design, and operation of complex industrial, service, and governmental systems comprised of people, equipment, and supplies through the application of modeling, measurement, and economic methods.
  • Contributing to the enrichment of the profession and to the development of knowledge through faculty leadership, scholarship and professional practice.
  • Meeting the needs of working professionals for continuing education in the fields of operations research, advanced statistical data analysis and modeling, ergonomics and human factors, supply chain engineering, lean six sigma and related topics.

The college’s mission is consistent with the high-quality educational mission of the university’s mission.

The department’s mission is to serve society, with emphasis on manufacturing and service sectors, which is consistent with the university and college missions.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives for our degree programs can be found on the corresponding webpages:

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering is part of the College of Engineering at San Jose State University.

The College of Engineering is one of seven academic colleges at San Jose State University. The mission of the university, as well as the University Learning Goals for all degree programs at San Jose State University, can be found at the Mission and University Learning Goals of San Jose State University