JMC Scholarship Opportunities for 2023-2024

When can I apply?
We will begin accepting scholarship applications for Spring 2024 on Wednesday February 14, 2024 via
office drop-off or via email to

How many scholarships are available?
There are 2 scholarships total available for Journalism students only. They are the Gary D. Radine
Scholarship and the Nancy Skelton Scholarship.

What are the requirements for each of these scholarships?
1) Gary D. Radine Scholarship: This Scholarship helps support students who have demonstrated a
financial need, enrolled full-time majoring in journalism and are involved in Hispanic or the
African American community.

2) Nancy Skelton Scholarship: Intended to support a (preferably) female journalism student who shows outstanding writing and reporting promise.

How many scholarships can I apply for?
There is no limit.

If I won a JMC scholarship in a previous semester, can I still apply?
Yes, so long as you meet the scholarship criteria.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

1. Pick the scholarships you want to apply to and get your application materials together
     a. Each scholarship you apply to require:
          i. Scholarship Application Cover Page (Gary D. Radine [pdf] & Nancy    Skelton [pdf])
          ii. One-page essay discussing your academic background, professional goals, financial need.

2. Submit your application
     a. Before submitting, be sure that ALL files/documents are:
        i. Saved as PDF
        ii. Include your name in the File Name
            1. Examples
                a. JMC Scholarship Essay_Smith, John

                b. DBH Scholarship Cover_Smith, John

b. Submit your application to the JMC department by the deadline (4:00 PM on Friday,
March 1, 2024) via office drop-off or via email to

When is the deadline?
All applications need to be submitted by 4:00pm on Friday, March 1, 2024.

Where do I submit my application?
You submit your application via office drop-off or via email to

I am planning to apply to multiple scholarships. Can I use the same one-page essay?
Yes, unless the description of the specific scholarship requires additional information.

I am not a Major in the JMC department, but I am minoring in Journalism/Public Relations/Advertising. Am I eligible to apply?
No. The scholarships are only available to students who are majoring in the department and dependent on the scholarship requirement. Keep in mind that spring scholarships are only applicable to Journalism majors.

I am an international student. Can I still apply?
Yes, unless the description of the specific scholarship you’re interested in states otherwise.

I am a Mass Communications graduate student. Am I eligible to apply?
For the Spring 2024 semester, there are only two scholarships offered for journalism majors only.

When will the winners be announced?
Late March-Early April 2024.