Applied Philosophy Projects

If you are looking for a way to connect philosophy in a systematic way to professional life in Silicon Valley, to your communities, or to the wider world, consider doing an applied project. 

An applied philosophy project gives you an opportunity to reflect, in a sustained and rigorous way, on ethical, social, epistemological, or metaphysical aspects of a human endeavor. 

Past projects have included development of philosophical curricula for non-traditional audiences — philosophy for children, philosophy for senior citizens, ethics for fire fighters, philosophy for the public.

Future projects could range from doing experimental philosophy, to structuring debates or dialogues, to building a philosophical toolbox for a particular profession or population or problem, to probing how philosophy might help people address a social or political challenge.

M.A. students can complete an applied project in partial fulfillment of degree requirements.

Undergraduates may also be able to earn course credit for an applied project. (Speak with an advisor about this if you’re interested.)