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Engineering Corporate Degree Programs


Take advantage of Engineering Degree Programs in partnership with SJSU within your organization to hone your skills. These customized programs offer you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in your corporation and will equip you with the tools to advance your career.

Co-developed and customized based on our partner corporation’s needs, Engineering Extended Studies' corporate degree programs provide you with specific skills and advanced knowledge to support the company's initiatives. Classes are conveniently taught at company locations, and you must be a current employee of the host to enroll.

Applied Materials

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AMAT MSE Specialization in Semiconductor Process Engineering

The customized Master of Science in Engineering program provides engineers with the training needed to advance the manufacturing and testing of semiconductor chips and devices for multiple industry applications.

KLA - MS Engineering, Specialization in Optoelectronic Systems

Prepare to design, research, and develop optoelectronic systems and devices with our specialization created in partnership with the KLA Company.  Courses meet one evening per week and are taught by both SJSU faculty and senior KLA staff.

KLA - MS Engineering, Specialization in Business Leadership

Grow in your career by becoming a business leader with the specialization in Business Leadership offered together with KLA. You will receive a well-rounded graduate-level education covering topics such as leadership and engineering management to help build better products for KLA customers.

Lam Research - MS Engineering, Specialization in Systems Engineering

Our MS Engineering, Specialization in Systems Engineering, provides Lam Research engineers with a convenient way to understand complex Lam systems better and provides a foundation for specialization in systems engineering. You’ll enjoy the convenience of evening classes taught online and at Lam Research ’s campus.


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Lockheed Martin - MS Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence touches every industry. Together with Lockheed Martin, we’ve created a degree where you will receive hands-on experience and gain advanced skills to meet the current demand and projected growth of this field with Lockheed Martin MS in Artificial Intelligence.

Lockheed Martin - MS Mechanical Engineering

This customized degree program in Mechanical Engineering combines engineering theory with Lockheed Martin Space Systems' needs. Together with other employees in the graduate program, you will learn the latest engineering methodologies and tools. Topics include vibration of mechanical systems, applied stress analysis, finite element methods, automatic control engineering, and computer-aided mechanical engineering design.

Lockheed Martin - MS Electrical Engineering, Specialization in Robotics and Autonomy

Our graduate-level Specialization in Robotics and Autonomy, a Lockheed Martin corporate program, prepares you with further knowledge and experience in these two technologies that are essential in many industries. Become an expert in the design and implementation of intelligent robots and help fulfill the need for qualified professionals with these advanced skills.

Lockheed Martin - MS Engineering, Specialization in Business Analytics

Created with Lockheed Martin, this Specialization in Business Analytics is an excellent way for you, as an LM engineer, to gain analytics skills and further your ability to understand and manage data in your career. Explore topics such as engineering management and data mining to enhance your ability to transform data into solutions.

How to Apply

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A specialist will review your prequalification form and contact you regarding opportunities. For further steps on how to apply, visit steps to admission For answers to some of your FAQs, view the Engineering Extended Studies FAQ site.

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Artificial Intelligence

From algorithms to autonomous vehicles, smart appliances, and digital assistants, AI is everywhere. The MS in Artificial Intelligence leads to many opportunities for career advancement across industries. 33 units are needed to complete this degree.

Software Engineering, Enterprise Technologies

Join professionals from across the globe in an unmatched educational experience with the Master of Science in Software Engineering, Specialization in Enterprise Technologies program. This invaluable degree is designed for working professionals who value the flexibility of completing this 33-unit program after work and off campus in Santa Clara.

Software Engineering, Data Science

Step into a multidisciplinary realm where advanced data science techniques are utilized to uncover meaningful insights, devise solutions, and address future problems. Complete the 33 units of your Master of Science in Software Engineering, Specialization in Data Science with classes convening off-campus in Santa Clara.

Software Engineering, Cloud and Mobile Computing

The MSSE Specialization in Cloud and Mobile Computing prepares you for a dynamic career in an advancing industry. This degree consists of 33 units and features evening classes held off-campus.

MS Engineering, Specialization in Smart Sustainable Energy Systems

The MS in Engineering, specialization in Smart Sustainable Energy Systems (SSES), currently the only online sustainable energy program in the U.S., prepares you with graduate-level skills to design and integrate clean energy into our modern world. Complete this degree in two years.

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