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Nursing Specialty Advanced Certificate

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Add to your nursing credentials and further the care you offer with the Nursing Specialty Advanced Certificate program. A minimum of two courses in wound, ostomy, and/or foot and nail can be taken within one and half years (may skip one semester) and are required to receive this certificate.

As a student working towards the Nursing Specialty Advanced Certificate, you have the option to complete classes in wound, ostomy, foot, and nail. Students can take wound and ostomy classes in spring and fall. 

The foot and nail course is open for enrollment in the fall only that prepares students to take the Certified Foot Care Specialist (CFCS) competency exam offered by the American Foot Care Nurses Association to become a Certified Foot Care Specialist (CFCS).

The program also prepares nurses to take the Certification Board exams and become certified as a wound care nurse (CWCN®), an ostomy care nurse (COCN®), a foot care nurse (CFCN®), or a wound ostomy nurse(CWON™).

Each course incorporates theory, psychomotor skills, and clinical practice into its learning to deepen your knowledge and skills.

There is also the option of taking only one course but without the Advanced Certificate.

Program Snapshot




per 5-unit course*

Fall, Spring


*Fee listed will increase by 5% next Fall. SJSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum; however, fees listed in published schedules may need to be increased to maintain the high quality of education we offer and are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, or the campus President, as appropriate.

Program Features

Flexible hybrid program

Classes are offered both online and in person. Each class includes 20 hrs of in-person, hands-on learning experiences and 45 hours of clinical preceptorship training.

Experienced faculty

Academic and industry experts provide students with an industry-aligned curriculum and transferable practical knowledge and skills.

Accredited curriculum

All the courses in the Nursing Specialty Program follow a curriculum blueprint outlined by the Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing Society (WOCN) Accreditation Manual. For more information on accreditation and certificates, including the CFCS visit W&O Accreditation.

Career options

California is one of the highest-paying states for registered nurses, according to, and San Jose is listed as one of the top-paying cities. The Nursing Specialty Advanced Certificate has the potential to increase your salary.

Career Opportunities

  • states that the employment outlook for a wound care nurse looks great, and there is a high demand for this specialty in various settings. It also mentions that nurses with advanced certifications often make an average of $9,000 more a year.
  • According to the American Foot Care Nurses Association, there are many benefits to receiving your Certified Foot Care Specialist (CFCS) certificate, including advanced knowledge, greater job opportunities, and the potential for a higher salary.

Apply for the Program

Learn more about how to apply below.
  • Admission Requirements
    • Be a registered nurse (RN) with a Baccalaureate degree or; have a Bachelor’s with a major in nursing or; be an RN with a Bachelor’s degree in another field.
    • One year of RN clinical nursing experience following RN licensure.
    • No GRE required

    *Students must carry their own professional liability insurance before taking a practicum

    *Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission into the program.

    For more information, visit W&O Admissions

  • How to Apply
    • Create an application via Cal State Apply
    • Pay the program-specific application fee. All three of the specialty certification Care programs require a $100.00 application fee (in addition to the Cal State Apply submission fee) once accepted.

    For more information, visit W&O Admissions

  • Application Deadlines

    Application deadline for students:

    Fall 2024

    • Application Deadline: May 1, 2024*
    • Document Deadline: May 20, 2024*
    *These dates are not final and are subject to change.
  • FAQ
    For a full list of FAQs, visit the W&O FAQ.

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