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Designed for those with a bachelor’s or master’s in accounting, the three-course graduate-level Certificate in Tax Practice serves as a foundation for tax research and knowledge. Participants choose their course focus from an array of tax courses offered.

The Certificate in Tax Practice is an entryway to graduate-level tax studies. If you are looking to add tax knowledge to your accounting degree, start a career in tax, or continue your studies, you can benefit from this certificate’s foundational knowledge and choose to continue on with the MS in Taxation degree.

This certificate also assists with the 150-hour requirement to become a CPA in California. Nine units can be used toward the MS in Taxation if later enrolled.

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*Fee listed will increase by 5% next Fall. SJSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum; however, fees listed in published schedules may need to be increased to maintain the high quality of education we offer and are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, or the campus President, as appropriate.

Program Benefits

Create a tax foundation

This three-course certificate of one required course and two electives is an excellent way to begin a career in tax or to continue your graduate studies.

Networking and workshop opportunities

The High Technology Tax Institute offers webinars that are free to register as well as the TEI-SJSU High Tech Tax Institute conference in November 2022. For more information on both webinars and the conference, visit the Tax Institute page.

Career Opportunities

Adding the Certificate in Tax Practice to your resume shows employers you have the basic tax knowledge and skills to complete research assignments and make tax decisions. Earning this certificate also helps with the hours needed to become a CPA in California, a great way to advance career opportunities.

  • Accounting.com lists some unique and unexpected accounting careers for those looking for something outside of traditional accounting work.
  • Investopedia also has a similar list noting jobs such as Environmental Accounting and Showbiz Accounting.

“Earning a Tax Practice Certificate lets prospective employers know you can perform tax research assignments from day one.”

Annette Nellen
Professor and Director of the MST Program CPA, CCMA, Esq.

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