What is the Staff Council?

The Staff Council was formally established in 2019.  Our mission is to serve as one medium of communication for and between staff, administration, faculty, and students of the university on matters outside the scope of Collective Bargaining. 

Staff Council Bylaws

Read the full version of our Staff Council Bylaws [pdf].

Staff Council Committees

Executive Committee

The Staff Council Executive Committee facilitates monthly meetings with SJSU staff and interfaces with the SJSU administration. 

2022-23 Officers

  • Chair: Harish Chander, Enterprise Solutions.
  • Vice-Chair: Sabrina Porter-Parees, College of Health & Human Sciences.
  • Communications Specialist: Jessica Larsen, Academic Business & Strategic Operations.
  • Treasurer: Anie de la Rosa Clark, University Advancement.
  • Social Organizer: Ravi Pisupati, Strategic Planning & Portfolio Management.
  • Staff Recognition Committee Chair: Shealyn Bissell, Academic Innovation & Online Initiatives.
  • Past Chair: Janet Sundrud, Finance Support & Innovation.

Contact the Executive Committee at 

Staff Recognition Committee

The Staff Recognition Committee shall be responsible for:

  • Conducting activities and programs that boost the morale of campus staff members, such as staff awards.
  • Organizing and conducting fundraisers as needed for staff morale and recognition programming.

2022-23 Committee Members

  • Chair: Shealyn Bissell, Academic Innovation & Online Initiatives
  • Members:
    • Anh Nguyet Thi Nguyen, College of Health & Human Sciences.
    • Judi Garcia, Career Center.
    • Larissa Bates, Career Center.
    • Sylvia Ruiz, University Library.
    • Trisha Gilges, Career Center.

Contact the Staff Recognition Committee at staff-recognition-committee-group@sjsu.edu

Staff Awards Review Committee

The Staff Awards Review Committee shall be responsible for:

  • Reviewing and ranking nominations for the annual Staff Awards.
  • Soliciting letters of support from the award finalists.
  • Submitting recommendations to the President.

2022-23 Committee Members

Bargaining units are asked to select representatives to serve on the Staff Award Review Committee. The committee membership is reviewed annually in consultation with University Personnel.

Contact the Staff Awards Review Committee at staff-awards-review-committee-group@sjsu.edu