Staff Council Ice Cream Social

The SJSU Staff Council is proud to host ice cream social events for staff during the summer months to celebrate their dedication and work throughout the academic year!  We want to thank our event sponsors for their support of our staff!

ice cream cones and outdoor flora

Summer 2023

Sponsors: Office of the Provost

The 2023 Ice Cream Social was held on August 24, 2023 with the generous support of the Office of the Provost. The delightful gathering took place in the Student Union Ballroom, bringing together 200 staff members and colleagues campus-wide for an afternoon of community building and fun conversations.

Summer 2022

Sponsor: College of Science

The SJSU Staff Council hosted the 2022 Ice Cream Social on July 28, 2022, with the generous support of the College of Science.  Over 200 staff members gathered in the Bell Rose garden to hang out, chat, and catch up with colleagues they haven't seen in years. For some, it was the first chance they had to meet their co-workers across campus, in person, since joining SJSU during the pandemic.  We want to give a big THANK YOU to all of our staff who have worked tirelessly to fulfill the mission of the university!

  • Guests gather at the SJSU Staff Council tent.
  • Spartan Eats staff standing next to the ice cream topping table.
  • Spartan Eats staff serving guests.
  • Staff scooping ice cream toppings onto their ice cream.
  • View of staff eating and mingling at the Bell Rose Garden.
  • View of staff eating and mingling at the Bell Rose Garden.
  • Staff are sitting near the Spartan Rose Garden while enjoying their ice cream.
  • Staff watch squirrels playing next to the Tower Bell.
  • A line of staff are awaiting their ice cream.

Summer 2018

Sponsors: College of Science and College of Social Science

On August 16, 2018, the SJSU Staff Council hosted an ice cream social for 250 staff members.  They gathered outside the College of Engineering building to socialize and learn about the newly formed SJSU Staff Council.