Staff Council Pizza Social

The SJSU Staff Council is proud to host pizza social events for staff to celebrate their dedication and work throughout the academic year!  We want to thank our event sponsors and the President's Cabinet for their support of our staff!

Staff seated at a round table and posing for a photo

Fall 2022

Sponsor: Staff of SJSU IT Division

On October 13, 2022, the Staff Council hosted a pizza social for our campus and auxiliary staff with the generous support of staff in the IT Division. With an attendance of nearly 200 staff members, the fall event was held in the Student Union Ballroom.

  • Staff look toward stage during opening remarks at Pizza Social.
  • Staff sitting around table and pose for a photo.
  • Staff smiles for the camera as he gets a slice of pizza.
  • Staff are seated at different tables and socializing with one another in the student union ballroom.
  • Interim President Steve Perez stands at podium giving speech to audience.
  • Vice President Patrick Day is seen standing at a table socializing with other staff members.
  • Staff Council Chair member, Harish Chander stands at podium giving a speech to the audience.
  • Vice President Mohamed Abousalem is seen in the background socializing with other staff members.