General Testing Info


Our office is located in room 228 of the Industrial Studies (IS) building at the corner of 9th Street and San Fernando Street in downtown San Jose. The closest visitor parking is the SJSU North Parking Garage.

Testing Center Rules

(Modified for COVID-19)

  • Masks are required. Absolutely no exceptions.
  • Based on current guidelines, our staff may send additional instructions in advance and/or administer modified procedures.
  • A current photo ID is required: U.S. driver's license or state ID card, government-issued passport, or military ID. SJSU students may use their SJSU Tower Card; minors may use their school ID for the current school year. No photos and/or digital IDs permitted.
  • Only items explicitly allowed in the instructions for your exam are permitted. Other items are prohibited. We have complimentary lockers available to store personal items.
  • All testing must conclude by 4:30pm. Please schedule your exam appointment so that you have sufficient time to finish before testing ends.

Your test will be returned according to the instructions provided by your institution. In most cases, exams are returned on the same business day, or by the next business day at latest. Exams which must be physically mailed will be done so via standard USPS; expedited mail can be done via FedEx for an additional charge.