SJSU-Specific Exams

Male student sits in a room alone reviewing a paper copy of a test.

Test your way to success.

The Testing Office offers a wide variety of optional and required exams. Each exam is designed to help students find what classes they are most prepared to register for. In some cases, taking an exam can help students test in or out of certain courses and hasten their degree progress.

Credit by Examination

If you're scheduled to enroll in classes at SJSU and have previous knowledge in a certain subject, you can petition to test out of the course through Credit By Examination.

Reflections on College Writing (RCW)

The Reflections on College Writing (RCW) requirement will help determine what level English course you are required to take.  Email the undergrad studies department with questions regarding the RCW. Questions or Results re: RCW

US3 Waiver Exam

The California Government waiver exam is entirely optional. However, it can help students clear lower division GE requirements, advance more quickly towards their degree, or satisfy program admission criteria.

Precalculus Assessment

The Precalculus Proficiency Assessment (PPA) is one way that students can show that they are ready to take on advanced math courses. Not all students are required to take the PPA, as it depends on your degree path and previous coursework.

Makeup Exams

If you are unable to complete an exam during regular office hours, we can help. We assist instructors and students by providing additional flexibility and options for makeup exams.