US3 California Government Waiver Exam

About the US3 Waiver Exam

The US California Government waiver exam may be used to waive the US3 California Government graduation requirement. It is a 60-minute, multiple-choice examination with 50 questions. A score of 35/50 is needed to pass. The test may be taken a maximum of two times. (2 weeks between attempts)

This exam is administered on an individual basis, in-person, by advance appointment only. Passing the waiver exam only waives the US3 requirement; it does not grant any unit credit.

The US1 (US History) and US 2 (American Government/US Constitution) requirements can be cleared (with credit) using the appropriate CLEP exam.

Who needs to take the US3 Waiver Exam?

Waiver exams are optional. No one is required to take them; however, they may be of benefit to students who want to clear lower division GE requirements, advance more quickly towards their degree, or satisfy program admission criteria.

US3 Waiver Exam Test Dates/Fees

We host waiver exams on a by-appointment basis. Appointments may be scheduled via e-mail, with 2-3 business days' notice, on Monday through Friday from 9am until 3pm (latest start 3pm).

The fee for the exam is $11 (SJSU students w/Tower Card), $15 (non-SJSU students), payable when you check in on the day of your test. We accept cash (exact change only) or check/money order (payable to SJSU).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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