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Welcome to the Department of Art and Art History

Founded in 1911 and located in downtown San Jose at the heart of Silicon Valley in California, the Department of Art and Art History remains one of the oldest, most comprehensive and most affordable contemporary art schools in the western United States.

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Don Feasel

In a Grove

Anglim/Trimble is pleased to present In a grove, a gathering of artists utilizing abstraction to create rapturous states of vision marked by the qualities of the sensorial and perceptual. Curated by Dean Smith, the exhibition includes work by Thomas Akawie, Brad Brown, Mason Dowling, Donald Feasél, Renée Gertler, Robin McDonnell, and Nancy White.

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Lynn Dau

Through the Dreamhouse

Brea Art Gallery 1/27-3/22: "Through the Dreamhouse" is a group exhibition which delves into the symbolism and power of domestic spaces, using both traditional and unconventional mediums to examine intimate and introspective aspects of a household. This exhibition includes 5 of Lynn Dau's works (Lecturer, spatial arts).

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Gretchen Simms

Vienna Study Abroad success!

Our 192 - Architecture, Art, and Design in Vienna took place for the first time.

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Robin Lasser

6 Exhibitions

1.ICA San José and Montalvo Arts Center, March 23 - August 11. P L A C E: Reckonings by Asian American Artists Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao 2.TNOC (The Nature of Cities) Festival June 4-7 (Berlin) Ice Ships Weep Film Trilogy, Berlin, Germany. 3.Big Basin Redwood State Park Public Art Commission, Art About, June 15-Opening Reception. Permanent Collections. 4.Plattsburgh Museum of Art, solo exhibition, August 27-December 15. Ice Ships Weep and the Theatre of Water Reclamation. Room - size immersive video projections and sculptures, series of large-scale photographs, and sound works.

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Liz Linden

Roundtable Discussion in Grey Room 94, Winter 2024, pp. 20–49, "Roundtable on Warhol v. Goldsmith"

Liz Linden contributed to a roundtable on Fair Use and Copyright just published in Grey Room, with Amy Adler, NYU School of Law, and Noam M. Elcott, Columbia University, Lionel Bently, Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University of Cambridge, Susan Bielstein, University of Chicago Press, Johanna Burton, Director, MOCA, Los Angeles, Martha Buskirk, professor, Montserrat College of Art, Jane Ginsburg, Professor of Literary and Artistic Property Law, Columbia, Branden W. Joseph, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art, Columbia University, Joan Kee, professor of the history of art, University of Michigan, Liz Linden, artist, Rebecca Tushnet, Professor of the First Amendment, Harvard, Graeme Williams, photographer, Winnie Wong, professor of rhetoric, UCBerkeley.

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Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright was in the DeYoung Open, and is slowly building the installation version of the piece.

Shannon Wright made this digital drawing, "Salon Après Tetris (5 Seconds of Fame)" specifically in response to the deYoung Open call for entries. She built the scene (minus the figure) in Rhinoceros and painstakingly redrew all the parts and the person in Adobe Illustrator. The piece is a vector drawing of an installation piece that she has been building on her sabbatical in addition to another project. The installation was accepted into Untitled Miami Beach but she had to change the plan because it's going to take a while to build all 25 tetris frames. She worked on numerous other projects on my sabbatical also.

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