Architectural Studies

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About the Architectural Studies Minor

Degree: Minor in Architectural Studies


Are you thinking about becoming an architect? The minor in Architectural Studies is a pre-professional degree program that prepares students to apply to professional graduate programs in architecture (M.Arch. degree programs). The minor encompasses all of the common architecture prerequisites while also allowing students to build portfolios that would gain them admission to an accredited graduate program.


The minor provides sufficient coursework in the history of modern and contemporary architecture for students to contemplate whether a career in architecture, or such related fields as real-estate development and urban planning, might be a good fit. Architectural Studies is a suitable supplement to art, design and engineering majors that touch on issues of built space, or it may simply be added to any major as a part of liberal arts course of study.

For questions about the Minor in Architectural Studies, or steps in applying to professional schools of architecture, please contact the minor advisor, Dr. Anthony Raynsford at


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