Forms & Advising Information

Students, staff and faculty – Here you will find copies of all currently available and downloadable forms used in the Department of Art and Art History. Please check with the main Art Office (ART 116) if an online form is out-of-date, incomplete, or if you need a form not listed here.


  • Most forms nowadays are created and circulated virtually using DocuSign. Please check with the Art Office if you are not sure how to use one.
  • Do not open/fill-out PDF files using the internet browser, Adobe Acrobat Viewer or Adobe Acrobat Preview.
  • Faculty signatures are only valid for thirty days.

BFA Applications 

Students who want to earn a BFA in Spatial, Pictorial, Photography, or Digital Media Art must pass the Portfolio Review Application. See the BFA Portfolio Review page for additional information.

Major Forms

The Major Form shows you all of the art classes that you will need to take to graduate.  The fillable form allows you to plan your schedule for each semester and ensure you are taking the classes you need to gradate with your intended degree.  This is a guide to help you, it doesn't lock you into the plan. Many students need to change their plans depending on schedule and availability of classes among other things

You should fill this form out before meeting with you major advisors.

BA Art & Art History

BA Art History and Visual Culture [pdf]
BA Preparation for Teaching Major Form [pdf]
BA Studio Practice [pdf]

BFA Art 

BFA Digital Media Art, Major Form [pdf]
BFA Photography, Major Form [pdf]
BFA Pictorial Art, Major Form [pdf]
BFA Spatial Art, Major Form [pdf]


  • Submit the semester and year (ex F24) next to each class indicating the semester that you either took or plan to take the class in the future.  
  • If the course was completed at another college, please indicate the college, the exact course prefix & number in the “Outside course or Substitution” space provided.
  • Here is an example of a properly filled out Major Form Example. This will show you how to enter the information for all of the major forms, even if the classes are different than your major

General Guidelines for the Order of Classes

  • You should be aiming to complete all of the preparation for the major courses (the upper box of the major form) before enrolling in any of the Specialized Upper Division (100+  level) courses. 
  • For BFA Majors, you should apply to the Portfolio Review once you've completed 15-21 units of the preparation for the major courses
  • For BA Studio & BFAs, it's recommended that you take 1 Upper Division ARTH/100W with 2-3 Upper Division Studios every semester

Capstone Classes:

Capstone classes are where you create your senior projcts/papers. They prepare you to graduate and enter the proessional sphere post-graduation. Take these classes in your Senior Year:

    • BA Art History and Visual Culture: Take  ARTH 199 or ARTH  277 your last semester at SJSU
    • BA Studio: Take ART 197 (DMA, Spatial, Pictorial emphasis) or PHOT 197 (Photo emphasis) your last semester
    • BA Studio Teaching  Prep: Take ARED/CA 150 your last semester
    • BFAs:
      • Take ART 198 the semester before you graduate 
      • Take ART 199 (Spatial, Pictorial, Photo) or ART 195 (DMA) your last semester at SJSU


Use the Roadmap to determine what semester you should take each class. The roadmap will give you a sense of what courses should be taken for the major and what the recommended order is. 

This is the form that the SJSU uses to populate your ‘My Planner’ tool.

BA Art & Art History

BA Art History and Visual Culture [pdf]
BA Preparation for Teaching Roadmap [pdf]
BA Studio Practice [pdf]

BFA Art 

BFA Digital Media Art [pdf]
BFA Photography [pdf]
BFA Pictorial Art [pdf]
BFA Spatial Art [pdf]

Minor Forms

It is epecially imporatant to use the minor forms when planning for classes.

The 'My Progress' reports are prone to errors when adding a minor (they can indicate that some classes you took are being counted toward your major and your minor when that is not the case). 

Minor Architectural Studies [pdf]
Minor Art Education [pdf]
Minor Art History and Visual Culture [pdf]
Minor Ceramic Art [pdf]
Minor Digital Media Art [pdf]
Minor Photography [pdf]
Minor Pictorial Art [pdf]
Minor Sculpture [pdf]
Minor Studio Art [pdf]


Graduate Forms 

MA and MFA Program Admissions

The Art and Art History Department's graduate program application is rolled into SJSU's central Cal State Apply system. Please see the program admission pages for additional information.

Graduate Handbooks

MA Graduate Handbook

MFA - Graduate Handbook [pdf]

MA and MFA Tutorial Form

MA and MFA - Tutorial/Special Study [pdf]

Studio Policy

Graduate Studio Facility Policy

MFA - Advancement to Candidacy:

Review Week Instructions and Application [pdf]
Gallery Identification Template [docx]

MFA Thesis Guidelines

MFA - Thesis Guidelines [pdf]

Forms for Faculty / Staff Use

Generic Invoice

Generic Invoice [pdf]

Purchase and Payment Request Form 

Purchase and Payment Request Form [DocuSign]

Absence Request Form

Absence Request Form [Google Form]

Student Assistant Request Form

Student Assistant Request Form [pdf]

Volunteer Forms

Submit the Supervisor Evaluation Form [pdf] with the University Personnel Volunteer Form