Degree Programs

Photgraph of Art Building on SJSU's campus

Undergraduate Degree Programs


Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA)

The BFA Degree is a professioal degree that offers studnets a high degree of  specialization within creative practices. This degree prepares studnets for careers as creative arts professionals by (1) producing a portfolio of professional-level work, (2) generating professional communication documents that illuminate their process, skills, and ideas, and (3) actively participating in the planning, coordinating, and execution of solo and collaborative art and research projects.


Bachelors of Arts (BA)

Concentration in Studio Practice

The BA in Art Studio Practice concentration allows students to pursue a general study in the visual arts, or to create their own curriculum combining studies in visual arts with other fields. For students preferring a broad art background instead of an intense specialization, this program provides students with a variety of art experiences.

Concentration in Studio Practice, Preparation for Teaching

The BA in Art Studio Practice combined the benefits of the BA Studio Practice degree that prepares studnets for careers as creative professionals with a multidisciplinary Liberal Arts Foundation, with specialized courses that prepare graduates to teach K-12 through the The Art Teacher Preparation Program (ATPP).

Concentration in Art History and Visual Culture

The  BA Concentration in Art History and Visual Culture provides an in-depth knowledge of cultural traditions and the skills necessary for applying that knowledge in the service of our multicultural society.  Course offerings include a wide range of themes and topics in ancient, Renaissance, Baroque, modern, contemporary,and global art. The program also provides students with the communication skills, research techniques, and methods of critical inquiry that have become a vital part of modern life.

Graduate Degree Programs


Masters of Fine Arts (MFA)

The MFA Degrees provide terminal degrees for students who plan to become professional artists and teachers in higher education. Graduate students in the MFA Studio programs test ideas in academic classes, individual tutorials, and experimentation in the university’s robust fabrication studios, which support the technical components of artistic production in ceramics, digital media, metals, glass, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Many graduate students teach introductory courses to provide a foundational education in pedagogy combined with direct experience in teaching college-level  courses. 


Masters of Art (MA)

The Master of Arts in Art History and Visual Culture offers a broad education in visual culture within a dynamic department that includes a strong M.F.A. program in the heart of Silicon Valley. The program prepares students for a Ph.D. or a graduate library degree with specialization in art history. It also provides training for a variety of positions, including community college professor, image researcher, museum curator, arts administrator, conservator, and visual resources librarian.