Apply to a Minor

Applying to a College of Science Minor Instructions

  1. Complete a Minor Application 
    1. Use either the “fewer than 90 units earned [pdf]” or “90 or more units earned [pdf]” change of major/minor form.
      1. Review your unofficial transcripts to determine the number of units earned (UE). 
        1. Include units you are currently enrolled in.
        2. If you have transfer credits, only count 70 units in your total units earned.
    2. Use SJSU email ONLY
    3. For “new minor & requirement term” please put the semester for which you will be accepted (ex: applying Fall 2020, please put Spring 2021 for the requirement term).
  2. Attach the following to your application:
    1. Unofficial transcripts from SJSU and any other colleges you have attended.
    2. Minor Form
      1. Astronomy Minor Form [pdf]
      2. Atmospheric and Seismic Hazards Minor Form [pdf]
      3. Bioinformatics Minor Form [pdf]
      4. Biological Sciences Minor Form [pdf]
      5. Broadcast Meteorology Minor Form [pdf]
      6. Chemistry Minor Form [pdf]
      7. Climate Change Strategies Minor Form [pdf]
      8. Computer Science Minor Form [pdf]
      9. Geology Minor Form [pdf]
      10. Mathematics Minor Form [pdf]
      11. Mathematics Minor Information
      12. Mathematics Education Minor Form [pdf]
      13. Mathematics, For K-8 Teachers Minor Form [pdf]
      14. Meteorology Minor Form [pdf]
      15. Physics Minor Form [pdf]
      16. Science Minor Form [pdf]
      17. Science Education Minor Form [pdf]
      18. Wildlife Science Minor Form [pdf]
  3. Ignore any required signatures on the Change of Major Application
    1. If you are accepted into the major, CoSAC will obtain the appropriate signatures on your behalf.
  4. Submit your Minor Application and all supporting documents to CoSAC  ( prior to the deadline.
    1. Fall semester: October 1
    2. Spring semester: March 1
    3. Late applications will NOT be accepted
    4. Do not submit your minor application to the Registrar as the Registrar's Office does not process Change of Major Applications for the College of Science. All Change of Major Application approvals are sent electronically directly from the College of Science
  5. Please be patient. It may take up to four to six weeks for paperwork to be processed.
    1. After your paperwork has been processed, you will be e-mailed with further instructions.
  6. If you have any questions regarding Minor coursework or completing the Minor Form please contact:
    1. Astronomy & Physics: Ranko Heindl, Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Advisor
    2. Atmospheric and Seismic Hazards, Climate Change Strategies, & Meteorology: Dr. Qian Tan, Meteorology Undergraduate Advisor
    3. Bioinformatics: Bree Grillo-Hill (Biology and Chemistry Majors) or Philip Heller (Computer Science Majors)
    4. Biological Science: Shelley Cargill, Biology Department Chair
    5. Chemistry & Geology: Jamie Alea, CoSAC Director
      Schedule a minor advising appointment through the CoSAC website
    6. Computer Science: Rula Khayrallah, Computer Science Undergraduate Coordinator
    7. Geology Minor: Kim Blisniuk
    8. Mathematics: Bem Cayco
    9. Mathematics Education, & Mathematics for K-8 Teachers: Cheryl Roddick
    10. Science: Elizabeth McGee
    11. Science Education: Resa Kelly, Department Chair